Autumn school holiday program - a whole lot of fun awaits!

School holiday program trip to the zoo

School holiday program trip to the zoo

By Emily Perriman, Director of Outside Hours Care

The Radford College Outside Hours Care (OSHC) Department cannot believe that it is almost time for holiday program again! The wonderful Champa Kaluarachchi, Heidi Norton and Daniel Caston, our OSHC coordinators, have planned programs that are certain to be a whole lot of fun.

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) program begins with Science day with tons of experiments and craft activities. Tuesday is our movie day, where we will be going to the cinemas with the junior school program to see a G rated film. Wednesday is wheels day ? and what a great day it will be! Students are invited to bring along their bikes, scooters or skateboards to embark on a trip around campus and the ELC on wheels! Thursday involves an excursion to ?Let?s Play?, an indoor gymnastics haven. Finally, on Friday, the ELC program will be joining the Junior School program on their trip to the War Memorial. Once there, the ELC group will go on their own age-appropriate tour of the memorial.

In addition to a trip to the cinemas on Wednesday and War Memorial on Friday, the Junior School Program is participating in a Dance Workshop on Monday, Mary Poppins Day on Tuesday, and a Mind, Body and Soul Day on the Thursday. Mary Poppins day will involve craft activities that relate to the musical, such as making and flying kites, designing bird feeders and getting arty with chalk drawings! Mind, Body and Soul day invites students to bring along their bikes, scooters, or skateboards and engage in yoga and meditation.

If you would like to enrol your child/ren in holiday care, all you need is a holiday program booking form, available on our Radford Online Page. If you have not used afters, before school care or holiday program in 2015, you will need to submit an enrolment form, also available on Radford Online.

The link to our Radford Online page is here

Holiday Care costs $67 per day, and this is inclusive of all excursions and activities. If you have further questions, please send these to Daniel Caston on

We look forward to seeing you in holiday care!

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