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Coaching and practice bring top-quality results

Coaching and practice bring top-quality results

By Orhan Memedovski, Technical Director of Basketball

Firstly, I want to congratulate all our Radford basketball players on a great first half of the summer season. It has been wonderful to see new students and first-time basketball players join our Radford basketball community! Thank you to our coaches, parents and managers for your ongoing support.

It is with great joy that I announce many of our Radford basketball players have made the ACT team. These students will be wearing the ACT jerseys and represent Radford at state level next year. Congratulations on your efforts and commitment. We wish you the very best next year! Please see list of students below.

I am pleased to announce that next year I will have the opportunity to pursue the role of Technical Director of Basketball in a larger capacity. Our vision and goals will continue to be focused on coach and player development with increased participation in basketball opportunities for our students. I look forward to our 2019 Basketball information evening early next year to further discuss our basketball program and initiatives.

I wholeheartedly wish you and your loved ones a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. Please note that training commences on the first day of Term 1, Wednesday 6 February 2019.

ACT team selection

U12 Girls
Madison Scholfield, Hannah Rankin, Heidi Rankin, Poppy Smith, Kaiya Barsby

U12 Boys
TBC (please check BACT website)

U14 Girls
Grace Kent, Chrysanthe Karkazis, Rena Cao, Sacha Zerger, Emily Warren, Cleo Tsiros, Jessi Palframan

U14 Boys
Chris Kalogeropoulos, Callan Dunne, Jack Dimond, Stirling Musgrove, Max Forbutt

U16 Girls
Alys Robertson, Emily Nguyen, Emily Sampson

U16 Boys
TBC (please check BACT website)

U18 Women
Stella Martin

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