Blessing of the Animals Service

Rev. Katherine with Chapel Captains Zoe and Flynn, with their pets, Ben and Banjo

Rev. Katherine with Chapel Captains Zoe and Flynn, with their pets, Ben and Banjo

Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior ChaplainWelcome to the Radford College Virtual Blessing of the Animals service! Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your wonderful pets. Thanks also to Chapel Captains Zoe Malone and Flynn Kelly, with Banjo and Ben, for leading the service. 

Click here to enjoy the service. 

Blessing of the Animals services are associated with Saint Francis of Assisi (1181–1226) who is known for his preaching of the love of God and his life lived in service to all creatures. 

Saint Francis understood his dependence on God and the interconnectedness of all creation. A sense of interdependence and connectedness has been understood by First Nations people in Australia, and throughout the world, for many thousands of years. 

As we celebrate and care for our pets, who are like members of our family, we too get a glimpse into the interconnection that we share with our fellow creatures. Our pets bring us much joy and companionship. We give thanks for them and the gifts they bring us. 

Creator God,
You have made a beautiful world filled with wonder and surprises!
You have gifted us with the blessing of animals, those in the wild,
those on farms, those in our own homes.
You brought into being that which we could not imagine for ourselves,
life we cannot see without the aid of microscopes,
animals we can only see in pictures from remote regions of planet earth.

We thank you for abundant life; for the birds we hear in the morning,
for the drone of bees when we are outside, for the vast tapestry of life that is

We thank you for the gift of our own animal companions;
for the joy they bring us,
for the unconditional love and forgiveness which teaches us about you;
for the confidant, the listener, the stress-releaser,
for the benefits they are to our health and to our spirit.

We commit ourselves again to care for all creatures, for protection of habitats, for sustainable food production, for the end of cruelty and neglect.

Blessings for the term ahead

Rev. Katherine


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