Claire's Mathematical Olympiad Hopes

Claire Huang will join 46 Australian students training to be Mathematics "Olympians"

Claire Huang will join 46 Australian students training to be Mathematics "Olympians"

By Communications Manager Mick Bunworth

Radford’s Claire Huang has been invited to participate in the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Selection School.

The Year 11 student was asked to sit two selection tests, each lasting four hours, on two consecutive days, to gain a place at the prestigious school to be held at Chatswood from Saturday 23 March to Monday 1 April.

Forty-six students from around Australia will attend the Selection School, which develops their mathematical problem-solving skills and assists selection of the Australian team for this year’s International Mathematical Olympiad.

“You spend 10 days doing very high-level maths, developing your skills, meeting people across Australia that also have the same passion that you do,” she explained. 

This is the third time Claire has attended an Australian Mathematical Olympiad Selection School and she says her passion for maths really started to develop when she was in Year 8.

“In Canberra they have the Maths Enrichment Program, so I got invited to that in Year 8 which I suppose helped me see much harder and more beautiful maths.”

Claire, who also enjoys playing basketball and tennis, as well as singing in Radford's Camerata and Chorale choirs, cites her father and her mathematics teachers as major influences.

“My Dad’s always been very passionate about maths, so I used to spend a lot of time, I still do, with him just doing very hard problems and discussing them but also the teachers at Radford are amazing, they’ve been incredibly supportive, and they’ve taught me a lot of things that I never thought were possible with maths.”

Head of Mathematics Andrew Barber praised Claire's achievement.

"Claire is thoroughly deserving of this opportunity. She approaches her studies in mathematics enthusiastically, shares her knowledge with her peers and really embraces the challenge of high powered mathematics. Claire has a great sense of mathematical wonderment and I am sure she will enjoy every second of her time at the Selection School," Mr Barber said.


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