Collegian author visits Junior School Library

Dr Anjuli Kaney, Class of 2010, author of "Benny and the Boogie Monster"

Dr Anjuli Kaney, Class of 2010, author of "Benny and the Boogie Monster"

Radford Collegians Association and Radford College Junior School are delighted to be welcoming Dr Anjuli Kaney (Class of 2010) to the College on Wednesday March 24. Anjuli will be reading her book Benny and the Boogie Monster to our Year 2 students at the Junior School library. 

About the book: Benny is afraid of the dark. But most of all Benny is afraid of the Boogie Monster! One night, after his mummy tucks him into bed, Benny stumbles into a mysterious land where he comes face to face with his greatest fear - the Boogie Monster! However, when the Boogie Monster begins tapping his feet to the sound of music, Benny realises perhaps things are not as scary as they seem. 

Whilst Anjuli has a passion for storytelling, she is also a qualified Dental Surgeon currently living in Sydney. Anjuli says she is greatly looking forward to returning to the College, to see the changes that have taken place over the past 10 years, and share this story with the Radford students. 

Anjuli had initially completed the majority of this book for a Year 12 Children's Literature assignment. Eleven years later, Anjuli thanks her former Radford English Teacher, Mr Geoff Piggott, for his encouragement to publish the book.

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