Collegian insight into International justice system

Collegian Ellie Pahlow (Class of 2007) with Y12 Legal Studies students

Collegian Ellie Pahlow (Class of 2007) with Y12 Legal Studies students

By Belle Cook, Year 12 Legal Studies Student 

Collegian Ellie Pahlow with Michelle Nazzari, Legal Studies TeacherAs a part of the Year 12 Legal Studies International Crimes, Conflict and Terrorism unit, students looked into the current international criminal system, learning about the involvement of organisations, such as the United Nations (UN) and the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

On 28 October, Radford Collegian, Ellie Pahlow (Class of 2007) discussed her involvement with the international criminal justice system and her experience with the Hague Convention and an International Criminal Tribunal. Ellie graduated Radford in 2007 and was part of the first Radford cohort to undertake a Legal Studies course. With many questions on our minds, Ellie’s presentation started with brief look at her past at Radford, followed by an explanation of her time at the Hague Convention’s International Criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Ellie discussed her time as an intern with the ICTY and how she then became a legal assistant, due to an unexpected encounter outside work. Ellie’s presentation was engaging and interesting, and her stories and explanation of topics allowed students to see themselves working within a similar field in future.

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