Collegian Nathan Kukathas, Class of 2000

Nathan Kukathas' revolutionary G7 POD

Nathan Kukathas' revolutionary G7 POD

Nathan Kukathas (Class of 2000) has turned his dreams into reality.

Nathan on the summit of Mt ThorThe West Face of Mt Thor on Baffin Island, in the far arctic north of Canada, is the tallest continuously overhanging cliff in the world, at more than 1,500m sheer overhanging vertical drop. 

On a trip there, Nathan conceived the G7 POD, a 1.5 kg inflatable sleeping ledge, which replaces the 20kg traditional framed portaledge and completely transforms how people can climb the world’s most difficult big walls. 

His passion for rockclimbing began while he was at school, and in Year 11, he took the Fashion Design subject and began designing and making outdoor equipment, including a four-season tent.

The 4 seasons tent designed and made by Nathan

Read more about Nathan moving to Canada in pursuit of climbing big mountains, and his involvement in the development of climbing equipment, including his revolutionary G7 POD.

It is an inspirational story of adventure and achievement.

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