Collegian News: Dr Niraj Lal (Class of 2001)

Collegian Dr Niraj Lal (Class of 2001) makes science fun and accessible

Collegian Dr Niraj Lal (Class of 2001) makes science fun and accessible

From the Collegians

On 1 September, Niraj (Nij) Lal (Class of 2001) will officially launch his second children’s book, “Henry the Flying Emu” . His first book was about chaos theory. This one is about an emu that learns how to fly by going into gravitational orbit. 

“Niraj is a gifted writer of children’s stories. His latest story, about an emu that wanted to fly, brings real depth of science to a lovely story. The reader learns that the emu’s tendency to fall to Earth is just the same as the Moon, constantly falling towards the Earth, but staying of course in its orbit around the Earth. This is Isaac Newton’s story of the apple falling on his head re-written – great for all ages!” 

Sir Richard Friend FRS , Cavendish Professor of Physics, University of Cambridge. 

In 2016 Niraj was named one of the Australia’s Top 5 Scientists under 40 by the ABC (for his research into solar cells). As part of the program he got to turn his story into the magical audiobook and broadcast it on ABC Radio National’s Science Show with Robyn Williams and David Fisher. 

Dr Niraj Lal graduated with a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar. He is currently a Visiting Fellow with the ANU Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems, and the new host of ‘Imagine This’ for ABC Kids Listen.

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