Collegian News: Freya Brent Class of 2015

Collegian Freya Brent (Class of 2015)

Collegian Freya Brent (Class of 2015)

Gifted sportswoman Freya Brent, Class of 2015, took up European Handball in Year 11 at Radford, as one of her many sporting activities.  She was involved in Football (Girls Captain), Rowing (Senior Girls Head of the River), ASC Athletics and Cross Country and Mountain Biking.  She was 2015 Sportswoman of the Year and also Orator of the Year, and an ACT Representative in European Handball.

Now studying at University of Canberra, Freya is a member of the Australian Women's European Handball Team, preparing for the World Championships in Japan in December.  Freya is a member of the UC Elite Athlete program.

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