Collegians News - Jane Magnus (Class of 1992)

Jane Magnus (Class of 1992)  is co-owner of Saloon Design House, Braidwood

Jane Magnus (Class of 1992) is co-owner of Saloon Design House, Braidwood

Article supplied by Radford Collegians Association

Saloon Design House is getting some serious national exposure, thanks to the National Gallery of Australia.  Jane and Dena have designed a dress in response to the incredibly beautiful and intriguing paintings in the current NGA & Tate Love & Desire exhibition.

The National Gallery of Australia commissioned 80 pieces for its gift store for the current blockbuster Love and Desire.  When a curator was looking for “long dresses in Liberty print” to stock at the gallery shop during the blockbuster, Saloon was the perfect choice. The Love & Desire Pre-Raphaelite dress is exclusive to the NGA and only available in very limited supply.

Saloon - BraidwoodSaloon stocks clothing for the wild and the wise, sublime handmade dresses to wear every day, made in the finest fabrics in store.  Owners Jane Magnus (Class of 1992) and Dena Pezzano-Pharaoh are the creative forces behind the women’s fashion label: making dresses, skirts, shirts, waistcoats and scarves inspired by the “beautiful, hardworking” women of their tiny NSW home town, Braidwood.

So how did Saloon come about? As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald : “Sometimes, at preschool drop-off, magic happens. And so it was when Jane Magnus met Dena Pezzano-Pharaoh in front of Braidwood preschool in 2015. Both mums admit they’d been ‘eyeing each other off’ for months before finally uniting over a mutual admiration of cowboy boots”. 

“I had a plan as soon as I met Dena and realised she was a dress maker,” Jane says. “I was a social worker with no fashion experience, so Dena is like the woman who makes all your dreams come true.

“If I hadn’t met her, Saloon would still be a fantasy in the back of my mind.”

The Saloon showroom, located at the top end of Braidwood’s main street, is more than a shop – it’s an experience. With rustic furniture, exposed brick walls and giant chandeliers, clients “come in and spend hours” browsing rack upon rack of Saloon pieces and admiring the 129-year-old building.

We got in touch with Jane and she told us that her favourite memory of her time at Radford is of all the wonderful friends she made at school, many of who she is still very close to today.  Jane also added that she gets her inspiration from her beloved friends, many of who have gone on to have fulfilling careers and are wonderful, loving mothers.

Jane said it would be lovely to see Collegians pop in and say hello.

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