Connections: RDA Showcase

RDA presented a fabulous "socially distant showcase", on 14 November

RDA presented a fabulous "socially distant showcase", on 14 November

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By Danielle White, RDA Director

RDA's 2020 Showcase on the weekend was originally planned to be presented as two performances at the AIS.  With COVID-19 restrictions, the event was reimagined as a socially distant one, and the TB Millar Hall was transformed into a dance performance space.  

The event with the theme "Connections" took place over one very long day, which included 65 performances from 8am through to 8:30pm, and involved the coordination and contribution of 20 Radford staff, 10 external staff, 40 dance classes and 300 students, many of whom were in  multiple dance groups. 

Special thanks to Kartyja Megic (RDA Assistant Director), and Nick Akhurst, who coordinated the massive technical support effort with assistance from Stephen Rose, Zac Harvey and the Technical Crew.

Thank you, also, to all RDA teaching staff (many of whom are Collegians), Afters staff, parents and students who have supported RDA in this very challenging year, and helped the students reach new heights in their dancing. 

Dress rehearsal for "Connections"

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