COVID-19 and winter illnesses

Images from ACT Government COVID-19 site

Images from ACT Government COVID-19 site

From Sophie Davis, College Nurse

Term 3 is traditionally a time when I see a significant increase in the numbers of students attending the Health Rooms with cold and flu symptoms. So far, we have done very well, and have many staff and students choosing to stay home rather than “toughing it out” and coming to school. I would like to thank all of those who have done this. However, despite this, we still have a small number of cases of cold and flu symptoms popping up at school.

We are continuing with encouraging hand hygiene across the whole campus and the cleaning of desks in secondary school. Extra cleaning staff are on duty, and they are doing an amazing job of making their way through the school during the day. Students who are presenting to the Health Rooms with symptoms will be sent home and advised to go for COVID-19 testing.

We have a small number of people in our school community who have very significant health conditions. If these people were to be exposed to COVID-19, they could suffer life-threatening complications from the virus. We also need to remember that members of our school community may have family members and friends who have significant risk factors, causing them to be more vulnerable to the virus (or indeed any cold or flu virus).

To protect more vulnerable members of the community, it is important to stay home if you are unwell, even if you have a COVID-19 test and it is negative. If we can stem the spread of even minor cold symptoms (remembering what might be minor for one person could turn into something major for the next person) then we are likely to have lower student and staff absenteeism.

Please remain vigilant, and follow the latest Government advice which can be found at:

Here’s to a healthy Term 3!

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