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Book now to be inspired by the Dirrum Festival 2019

Book now to be inspired by the Dirrum Festival 2019

By Tash Erb 

The Dirrum Festival is back and bigger than ever before, moving off our campus across the road and through a wee bit of foliage to the UC Boiler House Lecture theatre (just behind the bus stop).

Dirrum Festival is a chance to be inspired and challenged by an incredible group of diverse speakers, talking about corruption and its implications, climate changes looming shadow and a strategy taking place, here, in Canberra to fight against its omnipresent impacts. About gender equality and diversity, in and out of the workplace, the challenges to get support for science and education. We’ll hear about a girl and her experience in Palestine, in prison and the important role nonviolent protest has in today’s society. Lastly, Kevin Hines’s story, about trying to take his own life and his work with and understanding of mental health and wellbeing since.

These motivating speakers will be split into two sessions, with a festival of music, food and other stalls to enjoy in between. The festival will be filled with acts such as Lucy Sugarman performing, and local food and goods businesses like Global Sisters, who help women to create and grow sustainable businesses and La Baguette, a Café from the ANU that sells authentic French-cuisine baked goods.

On the next day, there will be a screening at the Heath Lecture Theatre, Radford, of Kevin Hines film 'Suicide: The Ripple Effect’. The film not only explores his own experiences but the ripple effects into the lives of the people left behind. This message is more important than even to remember that everyone around you is battling with something seemingly invisible, and that our resilience as a community is key to help not only the individuals but all of us, collectively to more forward and ‘be here tomorrow’.

Visit the Dirrum Festival website: https://www.dirrumfestival.org/cbr19
Information about speakers: https://www.dirrumfestival.org/cbr19-speakers
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The Dirrum Festival is supported by the University of Canberra, and the Radford College Parents and Friends Association

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