Dirrum Festival - "Tipping Points"

Book now for Fri 14 Aug and Sat 15 Aug

Book now for Fri 14 Aug and Sat 15 Aug

Dirrum Festival 2020 - Exploring the theme of ‘Tipping Points’

Friday 14th August, 4:30 – 7pm
Saturday 15th August, 4:30 – 7pm

This year’s Dirrum Festival theme, ‘Tipping Points’, was chosen in 2019. As the Dirrum Festival fast approaches, the theme feels increasingly apt. The Dirrum team, made up of Year 12 students, has brought together a range of speakers who can address ‘tipping points’ in our individual and collective lives. 

Speakers Bernard Collaery, Tom Calma, Ahmed Kelly, Camille Wilson, David and Emma Pocock, Mark Whithear, Anote Tong, Brooke Prentis and Craig Foster are well positioned to address ‘tipping points’ in areas such as democracy, mental health, the environment, human rights and the particular rights of First Nations peoples. 

Organisational Directors of Dirrum Festival 2020 Luiza Luppi, Damien Schroder and  Jacinta Davies, have risen to the challenge of leading a team that has needed to respond to COVID-19. The platform for Dirrum Festival this year will be mixed mode with a limited in‑person audience and a live stream. 

Musical interludes which will entertain and inspire are also part of the program to be enjoyed in person, or from the comfort of home! 

Dirrum 2020 Directors

Luiza, Damien and Jacinta have issued the following invitation:

This year our theme is Tipping Points, as this is what we found encompassed the biggest issues facing us in the coming decades, for example Indigenous Reconciliation, environmental issues and rights for indefinitely detained refugees.

It would mean a lot to all the students who have brought Dirrum together this year to see you there/online.  

Friday’s session will include the book launch of Richard Browning’s I Just Want to Make a Difference and Enacting a Public Theology
(with chapters by Dirrum speaker Brooke Prentis and Katherine Rainger). Friday will also include talks and Q and A with Tom Calma and Brooke Prentis.

Saturday will feature most of our speakers, Bernard Collaery, Ahmed Kelly, Camille Wilson, David and Emma Pocock, Mark Whithear, Anote Tong and Craig Foster.

This is a not-to-be-missed event! 

You can find the link to register here :-)


Our vocation at Radford College is to graduate students who, among other things, ‘love the world enough to act.’ The Dirrum Festival harnesses the resources, ideas and energy to make action possible, both for the student organisers and for the rest of us who embark on the Dirrum journey.

Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger - Senior Chaplain

Jesus is a significant example of one who ‘loved the world enough to act’. The Gospel reading set for this week (Matthew 14:13-21) tells us that Jesus’ response to the crowd following him is to heal those who are sick and to feed those who are hungry. This is what God in our midst looks like. May the Spirit of God enliven us, as we too discern what it means to ‘love the world enough to act’ in our time and place. Dirrum Festival is a good place to start!   
Rev. Katherine

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