Donations sought for our Giving Groups

Please support the new Giving Groups program

Please support the new Giving Groups program

By Giving Groups Project Manager Emma Holiday

We’re delighted to report that our Secondary School Giving Groups have been busy in their first fortnight. 

Giving Groups provide students in Years 7–12 with opportunities for meaningful connection to the community through regular, ongoing participation in charitable and giving programs, which in turn provides benefits for their own wellbeing.

The groups held their second session on Wednesday and already many of them are seeking donations of materials to assist them in their projects to give back to the community.

If parents, caregivers or staff are prepared to donate any of the following items, please email me with the details -

  • Bar fridges / wine fridges with glass doors
  • Weather-proof cabinets
  • Bicycles
  • 100% cotton or 100% wool clothing (no synthetics)
  • Small tiles or glass pebbles less than 5 cm in diameter
  • Balls of wool or yarn.
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