Drama Awards 2020

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Cocurricular Drama 

2020 has been a challenge in many ways, not the least being how to create theatre with a limited audience, and how to connect online without changing the intent. I would like to thank all those involved in supporting us in continuing to create and present performances. 

Our students have worked to create a number of fine dramatic performances, ending with the Senior Drama Production, Blood Wedding

Blood Wedding - Senior Drama 2020

In Drama Co-curricular, we have several significant awards that are presented for productions, as a member of each production, and assessed across the whole program. 

Tony Harris was an active and dedicated member of the local theatre scene. He was a genuine lover of Drama - whether on stage or off stage.  He always contributed wholeheartedly and significantly to any production he was involved in. Never one for pretension or “star”-trappings, Tony would work hard and happily, whether in a lead role, a tiny supporting one, or as a set-builder or stage-hand. For a man so versatile, his modesty was one of his endearing traits. 

The first Tony Harris Award goes to Stella Martin for her whole-hearted contribution to the Senior Drama Production of Blood Wedding. The second Tony Harris Award goes to Adele Beaumont for whole-hearted and significant contribution to the technical crew and her involvement in a wide variety of productions including the Senior Drama and Year 12 Revue. 

The next award is sponsored by Ian Sinclair, who is a local director.  He was a founding member of ensemble company, fully sponsored by both Company B Belvoir in Sydney and LaMama in Melbourne. He has received a number of awards and travelled to the UK and USA as a Churchill Fellow to study dramaturgy. He has worked with a number of high profile theatre companies including Sydney Theatre Company. 

The recipient need not be in a starring role (as there is no such thing in theatre); the actor’s ability to interpret the role with sensitivity, depth and conviction while working unobtrusively and collaboratively with the ensemble as a whole will be the essential criteria. This award goes to Chelsea Kenneally for her dedicated and moving performance as the mother in the 2020 Senior Production of Blood Wedding

We could not create the high standard of performances we do without the time invested by a large number of students. The students listed below, in particular, have been recognised with Improvement, Contribution and Excellence Award for their involvement in the Technical Crew and the Senior Drama Production.

Blood Wedding - Senior Drama 2020



Excellence Lily Kelly-Ebbeck

Excellence Adele Beaumont

Contribution Oliver Johnstone

Contribution Luiza Luppi

Improvement Lucas Lang

Improvement Jadyn Holmik



Excellence Tom Berger

Improvement Jack McNiven

Contribution Oliver Bailey

Contribution Charlotte Taylor

Contribution Lachlan Wilson


 Blood Wedding - Senior Drama 2020




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