Education Forum: Self-Regulated Learning

Education Forum

Education Forum

What: Education Forum Presentation: Self-Regulated Learning
Date:  Thursday 5 November 2020 
Time:  5.30pm – 6.30pm
Venue: Morison Centre, 2.0 Commons
Event Organizer: Louise Wallace-Richards - Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching
RSVP: To Kirsty Mack by Tuesday 3 November 2020,

This meeting will be an open forum and will include a presentation on self-regulation and its importance in assisting students with their learning by Associate Professor Shyam Barr from the University of Canberra, Louise Wallace-Richards (Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning) and Claire Melloy (Assistant Principal, Students). A Q&A will follow the presentation. 

Associate Professor, Shyam Barr, UCShyam Barr is an Australian educator helping people become self-regulated learners so that they can succeed now and in the future. His pursuit of maximised learning has seen him work in all kinds of teaching, leadership and consultancy roles in Australia, United Kingdom, the Cook Islands and Bolivia. 

In Australia, he has worked as an Education Consultant in Melbourne, working with senior educational leaders to rethink professional learning models, innovative teachers ready to shift practice, and individuals who are interested in elevating themselves and achieving new levels of success. He has also taught in the Master of Education program (Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice) at Flinders University. 

Most recently, he is employed as an Associate Professor at the University of Canberra and has been working with a number of schools, including Radford College, teaching teachers and students about the link between self-regulation and being a successful learner. His current focus of research is in the motivational, cognitive and metacognitive factors that influence the learning mindset of an individual.

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