ELC experiences the Ngadyung Program

ELC students create a native plant food garden

ELC students create a native plant food garden

From: Damien Montesin, Early Learning Teacher  

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) recently participated in a Greening Australia initiative, the Ngadyung Program (proudly sponsored by Icon Water), with the aim of building a greater connection and care for country. 

Ngunnawal man, Aaron Chatfield, joined our children and staff for a morning of exploration, learning, tasting and planting. Aaron began by sharing information about local Indigenous culture, including tools and plant use. The children were able to hold the cultural artefacts and try Bulbine chips, as well as taste Lemon Myrtle and Hardenbergia bush tea. Following this, Aaron guided the children in planting a range of native plant species in our garden to create our own bush tucker garden. The garden space will benefit biodiversity within our school environment, in addition to providing an authentic opportunity for our ELC children to prepare and eat the bush tucker delicacies that have planted. 

This experience and partnership with Aaron, strengthens the development and implementation of our ELC Reconciliation Action Plan, which seeks to formalise our commitment to reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It is our hope that the new outdoor space continues to develop in order to reflect our connection to local culture and country. 


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