Exhibition Journey: Part 4

Year 6 students move from the "tuning in" phase to the "finding out" phase

Year 6 students move from the "tuning in" phase to the "finding out" phase

By Isabel Erickson and Ciaran Milthorpe, Year 6 

New week, new phase. That’s right, in week 4 of our exhibition journey we are in the step between the ‘tuning in’ phase and the ‘finding out’ phase. Some groups have jumped back into the tuning in phase, which is something we will be doing a lot. This week we have had some fun experiences Including an inquiry into our official group concept, choosing a Transdisciplinary Theme, a visit from Father Richard and we continued our Water Excursion. 

This week, we created our own Unit of inquiry, and every inquiry has a Transdisciplinary Theme and a Central Idea. This week, Mr Martin talked to us about deciding on a Transdisciplinary Theme that will fit our overarching concept well. We talked about some Transdisciplinary Themes we have done in the past. We looked at what they all mean. 

Following last week's workshops, a guest speaker this week was former Chaplain Father Richard, who was visiting Canberra.  He spoke to us about service and Exhibition. He talked about how we notice the issue, the world. How we ask a question about what we notice. And then we ask more and more questions and we go on a quest, and that quest is Exhibition. We all shared what we noticed and we reflected. Father Richard said, “Kindness is never wasted.” And that is what we will take home from this experience. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have Father Richard speak to us. 

This week we also went on a water excursion to Lake Ginninderra in Belconnen. When we were there, we tested the water. We tested the water temperature, pH (how much acid), EC (Electrical Conductivity, which is ‘how salty’), and how muddy the water was. That was a fun experience to work in a team. After this, we then got to catch some fish and bugs with a net. We then put it in a bucket and scooped it out into an icetray. Our group found five fish, including a yabby. Working as a team was really fun.

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