Exhibition Journey: Part 5

Exhibition goes Insta

Exhibition goes Insta

By Juliet Hall, Isobel Egan and Keren Zhang, Year 6

This week we started researching components that will come soon in our exhibition journey. We completed our Central Ideas, Lines of Inquiry, and we started on our Guiding Questions. This is the base of our exhibition, and it will become very important for the future of our presentations. 

There are many parts to the Central Idea. Some of the tips in writing a great Central Idea are that we have to use a “CVC” (concept, verb, concept) format. The Central Idea has to connect to multiple people and places across the world. It is a true statement that starts every inquiry. Central Ideas are the words that start all of the research. They are big themes that you can’t have an inquiry without. 

Lines of Inquiry are the separate inquiries that you look into to find more specific answers. Each person in an exhibition group came up with a Line of Inquiry to guide them in a way that relates to their own interests. 

It has been an amazing week, and everyone can’t wait until the next one. Only two more weeks until holidays!

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