Farewell, Chengdu visitors

Chengdu visitors at National Museum of Australia

Chengdu visitors at National Museum of Australia

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages 

On Friday morning we farewelled the visiting students from Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School (CEFLS).  The students and staff had been very keen to learn about school life in Australia and enjoyed attending classes with their host brother/sister. The excursion to Tidbinbilla was a wonderful opportunity to learn about Australian flora and fauna, and I think all the students will remember the term “joey”, as they were lucky to see both kangaroo and koala joeys. 

Meeting "real" Australians

The students also toured Canberra visiting important sights such as Parliament House, the National Museum and the National Botanic Gardens - as well as fitting in a little shopping in Civic. 

It has been a very successful first visit, and we look forward to Radford students visiting CEFLS in the near future. We wish the staff and students well as they head off to Sydney before returning back to Chengdu. 

Thank you again to the host families for welcoming the students into their homes. These programs could not continue without your kind support. 

Reflection by Radford host, Matthew Wang, Year 9

On 27 July, a group of 12 Year 10 students arrived in Canberra after a 10-hour flight from Chengdu, located in the south west province of China. After arriving almost an hour early, the students were eventually greeted by their host families. After a long and tiring wait in the freezing Canberra winter, they all arrived at their host family homes. 

Matthew Wang with visitor Tao ZengOn Monday and Tuesday, the Chengdu students attended class with the Radford students and experienced what it was like to go to school in Australia.  The majority of students also attended the after-school activities with their host and either watched, or joined in.  

On Wednesday, the Chengdu students went on an excursion and visited a wildlife park where they saw many Australian native animals, such as Koalas, Kangaroos and a Pelican. 

On Thursday they went on another excursion, this time to Parliament house and the National Museum of Australia. After that ‘amazing’ experience, they visited Civic where they walked around and went shopping. By the time they arrived back to school, each one of them carried a bag of things that they had purchased from the ‘absolutely massive’ variety of shops and clothing available in Civic. After this, there was a farewell afternoon tea where photos were taken.  The Chinese students and teachers were given gifts from Radford, and after a couple hours of socialising, the farewell was over. 

Finally, the Chinese students departed from Radford on Friday morning and began their drive to Sydney, where they would spend the remaining few days of their trip. 

As Elliott (Chengdu visitor) stated:
“From this short but meaningful exchange to Radford College, I have to say it was really a fabulous and challenging experience, from studying to enjoying the completely different educational system, it showed me just how different life in Australia is. Besides, the hospitality of the teachers and students here, especially the host families were very welcoming. 

To talk about the school life in Radford, what impressed me most is the school atmosphere. The reasonable periods and long recess and lunch breaks all surprised me, as they were all so different to that of China.”




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