Foundation Day 2019 - Junior School

Junior School students participate in the Foundation Day Service 2018

Junior School students participate in the Foundation Day Service 2018

By Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

This Friday, Radford College will come together to celebrate Foundation Day.

What is Foundation Day?
Foundation Day is the anniversary of the laying of the Foundation Stone of Radford College. Foundation Day is a celebration of the College’s identity, marking itself clearly by its core values of truth, compassion, wisdom.

What is ‘The Telling’?
The whole College opening service, called ‘The Telling’, is a liturgy that plays out the story of Yungbali. This story is the repository for the College’s ethos and values. It is thoroughly biblical with a context for this hill and this land.

The Telling concludes with the College Prayer and these words from the Principal:

‘The Vessel has been raised and lowered, and our story has once again been told.

Go now and live it. In the spirit of celebration and community, you are sent to go and

run and play, work together, laugh and enjoy, and commit yourselves to something

good, something big, something that brings life to more than yourself. 

Life is on offer, and you are invited to choose it.’

Students in the Junior School spend the rest of the day participating in group activities with the main intention being to gather together to celebrate the community that we are fortunate to belong to.

Foundation Day FAQs

What do students need to wear on Foundation Day?
Students need to wear their house shirts and sports’ gear if they are in Y5 & 6. If they are in PK –Y4 they need to wear their house shirts with their school shorts or skorts.

What time do we start on the day?
Rolls need to be marked promptly at 8.40am, all classes PK to Year 6 need to walk across to the gym to start The Telling. ELC families are asked to drop their child off by 8.30am on this day as official proceedings will begin at 9am sharp.

What happens if my child is late?
Students arriving after classes have left the Junior School will need to be dropped off at the Secondary School gymnasium by their parents to join their class at The Telling event.  Our Reception Staff will meet late families in the main foyer of the gymnasium to have names of latecomers marked off.

Does our child need to bring anything beforehand in preparation for this event?
Yes, it is vital that your child/ren bring in their items for The Storm as soon as possible. (Please refer to the email sent home last Monday regarding students ’Storm Requirements’.)

Will there be lunch orders available on this day?
Lunch orders will be available on the day however NO over the counter sales available. Students must have a packed recess and snacks from home on this day.

Does school finish early on this day?
No, normal finish times apply.

Can parents attend The Telling?
Our PK parents have been formally invited but, due to lack of space, we are unable to accommodate other parents. If your child has a formal part to play in proceedings you are, of course, welcome to join us and we will inform your child beforehand if they are to be formally involved.


RAS Charity Fundraiser
It is appropriate on Foundation Day that we launch the Radford Awareness and Service Learning (RAS) Charity Fundraiser. The RAS Charity Fundraiser is the one event of the year where we work as a whole College to raise funds to support community work. We have some remarkable relationships and we return to them each year. We also seek to respond to new needs that emerge in our community and wider.

In the Junior School, the RTC decides how we use the money. This year the Junior School’s main charity focus will be raising twelve months of sponsorship for our three Compassion Children as well as having a small reserve of funds to support in areas of need that come up through RTC.

How can we raise money?
As part of Foundation Day activities students will make a ‘Chore’ money box that they will bring home. We understand that parents are the major donators in the Junior School, but we would like to invite students to take some form of ownership where possible.  At school, students will discuss different ways they can raise money within their family. We encourage students to earn some money doing jobs outside those that they already do. Please feel free to negotiate prices in your family for jobs above your normal chores.

It is also possible to make donations online: Click on ‘BOOK HERE’ and follow the onscreen instructions to make your donation.

Please return all RAS Charity Fundraiser money boxes to class teachers or front offices by Tuesday 21 May.

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