From the Chairman, 16 Sept 20

Steve Baker

Steve Baker, Chairman of Radford College Board

Steve Baker, Chairman of Radford College Board

This past weekend the Radford College Board held its annual Strategic Retreat.

The focus was on aspects of our own governance standards, composition and principles linked predominantly to the finalisation of the Radford College Strategic Plan: A Vision for Our Future 2021-2025 (that I note our Principal Fiona Godfrey will report on in more detail in her next article). We also focussed our review around key elements of the Master Plan. We are very excited about several components that are taking shape and I look forward to providing further announcements very soon as we look to continually reshape the campus for optimum use and benefit for all of our families.

The retreat was also a good opportunity to reflect on the renewal, that continues to take place, at Board and Committee level over the past year.

I note we recently welcomed our newest Board Member Vicki Williams, who joins the Board, having served for a number of years on the Finance Committee and most recently as Chair. This Committee advises the Board on financial sustainability and alignment of resources against the College’s goals and objectives. It provides independent advice on matters of corporate governance, financial performance, statutory reporting, risk management and ICT capability.

Currently the Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Finance and Infrastructure at our close neighbour the University of Canberra (UC), Vicki has held senior leadership positions for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience to the Radford Board.

You might remember that late last year, the Board also sought expressions of interest for positions on its Finance Committee, Education and Wellbeing Committee, and Building and Grounds Committee.

I am pleased to announce that Deb Wilkinson and Greer Alblas have recently joined the Education & Wellbeing Committee which advises on strategic direction for educational and structural planning for the core business of the College: the education of our students. 

Mick Snare also joins the Building & Grounds Committee, which provides the Board with advice to fulfil the Board’s overall responsibilities in relation to the College’s physical property, health and safety, and in relation to the prioritisation and stewardship of major facilities investments. In addition to this position, Mick is also a Director of the Radford College Development Foundation.

Deb, Greer and Mick are all Radford parents and I thank them for agreeing to serve on the Radford College Board Committees and look forward to them contributing to the success of our College.

While I must admit we did lose some momentum on this over the past six months, focussing more on the immediate sustainability of the College, we have recommenced the skills assessment of current Board and Committee members and spent some time identifying requisite skills we believe we will need to draw from to assist the delivery of the Radford College Strategic Plan: A Vision for Our Future 2021-2025. We will continue to identify needs and seek possible new members over the period ahead.

During the Retreat, members of the College Senior Executive and Junior School Leadership Team were also given the opportunity to present to the Board. They outlined key action plans arising from the Radford College Strategic Plan: A Vision for Our Future 2021-2025, which is due to be released in the coming months and I very much look forward to sharing more regarding this in due course as we look to close out the 2020 school year (which I am wondering if we will have another one quite like again) and look to our future of 2021 and beyond. On behalf of your Board, thank you again for choosing Radford College and I am very excited about what lies ahead for us all.

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