From the Head of Secondary School

Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

As students return this week from their break, there has been a lovely sense of community and connection with recounted stories and adventure and leisure. We start the term running, with several events across the secondary school in year groups, academics, service and sports.

23-25 July

Year 12 ? Revue Red Bricks to Rio

27 July

Year 10 - academic benchmarking assessment

28 July

Year 10 - information evening re Year 11 2016

Year 12 - AST practice

29 July

Year 9 - Camp information session for parents


Snowsports ACT/NSW Interschools Competition


Dirrum Dirrum 2015 Conference

Year 10

As mentioned in the Principal?s previous Bulletin article, Academic Assessment Services will conduct an assessment of Year 10 students on Monday 27July. Employing a suite of test items, the assessment will focus on ability and achievement. The ability measures are General Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Nonverbal Reasoning. The tests of achievement are in mathematics, reading comprehension, spelling and writing. The assessment is one of several data measures we will use to monitor individual and cohort performance over the coming years.

On Tuesday 28July the Year 11, 2016 subject information session will be held in the TB Millar Hall, commencing at 6:00 pm. The evening provides students and parents with an overview of study in the senior years. Following the formal presentations from the Principal, Head of Year, Director of Studies and the Careers Advisor, the Heads of Department and members of their faculty are available to respond to questions and provide further detail about course study.

Year 11

Student Leadership voting

This term we begin the process of selecting Year 12 leaders for 2016. In the middle of the term, Year 11 students will nominate to be a school prefect and identify portfolio areas they would like to serve in. At the same time, we undertake selection of the activity captains. Information will be provided to Year 11 students in their year assembly in Week 3. Leadership positions will be announced early Term 4.


Dirrum Dirrum conference

The conference is again shaping as a key event for the College. A true highlight has been the leadership and drive of the students. The organising team have sourced outstanding speakers and designed an engaging program. Outside the events on the weekend, which are open to the community, activities have been planned for year groups to hear key speakers and engage in dialogue with local schools on the issues presented at Dirrum Dirrum this year.

Co-curricular review comments from staff and students

This week we commenced surveying students about their experiences in co-curricular. Parents are invited to complete a survey, and staff will be surveyed also. The surveys have been designed to identify the benefits and shortcomings of the co-curricular program as it presently operates in the College. A representative group of 13 staff from across the College have examined co-curricular programs locally and nationally and are reviewing academic research in the field of co-curricular. Across the semester this team will consider student, parent and staff survey responses along with key learnings arising from school reviews. The team will present a paper to the Principal and Senior Executive identifying recommendations for the direction of co-curricular at the College.

House Performing Arts Challenge

The House Performing Arts Competition will be held on the final day of Term 3, during the last lesson of the day. This House event showcases and celebrates performing arts across Years 7 ? 12 and will be a key contributor to the House Cup!

In the coming weeks I will be sharing research and strategies for parents to assist their children develop and improve home study skills.

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