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Principal Fiona Godfrey

Principal Fiona Godfrey

A warm welcome back to the start of Term 3 for all Radford parents, students and staff, and I particularly want to welcome the handful of new or returning students, and staff who are new to the College. 

Although it seems incredibly early to do so, Term 3 is traditionally the term when we make plans for the following year, including subject selection for our senior students, development of a timetable, and finalisation of staffing requirements. For these reasons and others, it is important that the College is aware of any student movement in the upcoming year by the end of Term 3. If parents are considering a change in schooling for their child/ren for 2020, can I remind them that they need to notify the College prior to the end of Term 3. This also means families are compliant with the enrolment policy requirement of providing a full term’s notice when removing a child from the College.

Over the next week, I and other senior staff members, including Dr Adrian Johnson, Louise Wallace-Richards, Bill Weigall, Claire Melloy and Lindy Braithwaite, will be meeting individually with every student currently in Year 10 to discuss subject selections for their final two years of school. These meetings will also provide an opportunity for us to discuss with each student their academic progress to date, areas where further effort is required, subjects they have enjoyed or excelled in, career aspirations, and potential university courses or vocational pathways. I always find these meetings to be very worthwhile as they allow me to get to know the students a little better and better understand the things they need the school to provide for them. As a follow-up to these meetings, it would be beneficial for parents of students in Year 10 to continue the dialogue about subject selection, career aspirations and areas for improvement. 

The Future of Education
Over the past few years, it has become a tradition that the Radford Board conducts a Retreat at this time of the year. Generally this is in the form of two days of reflection, introspection and planning, involving not only the Board but members of the Senior Executive, Chairs of Board sub-committees and representatives from the Canberra and Goulburn Anglican Diocese.

Given that the College is about to embark on the development of a new Strategic Plan, due to be released in 2020, the Board has decided on a slightly different format this year. Instead of staging the Retreat off-campus for the two days, this year’s event will begin with a workshop at the College, open to all members of the Radford community, involving a presentation by Mark Pesce, followed by a panel discussion. Mark Pesce describes himself as an author, researcher, engineer, futurist and teacher.  He is an excellent presenter and thought-provoker. For further information about Mark, visit his website.

Mark will be presenting on The Future of Education Within an Australian Context and will then lead a panel discussion on ramifications for schools here in the ACT. The panel will include Meg Brighton, Director-General ACT Education Directorate, Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, University of Canberra, Dr Justin Garrick, Principal of CGS and me. The presentation and panel discussion will run for around two hours, in the Heath Lecture Theatre, starting at 3.30 pm on Friday 2 August. I strongly encourage parents to attend this event which promises to offer a real insight into the future of education. Please use this link to book a seat as places for this event are limited.

The Retreat will resume off-campus the following day and will start with presentations from the P&F, the Collegians and the Foundation. This will then be followed by presentations from the Senior Executive, concentrating on their specific area of expertise within the College. The day will conclude with an allocation of time for the Board to reflect on all that has been discussed and implications for their strategic priorities into the future.

Feedback from Reports
I hope the mid-year break gave all students an opportunity to reflect on their progress over the first half of the year and examine the feedback given by their teachers in reports throughout the semester or at its end. The advice given in the reports should give students avenues for improvement and this advice is particularly pertinent to our Year 12 students as they enter their final weeks of schooling. I strongly encourage them to make the most of all of the opportunities that will be presented to them over their final semester, enjoying the celebrations and events that traditionally take place, but also remaining focussed on the task at hand and making the most of teacher assistance as required. 

Year 12 Revue
One of Year 12's major events of the year takes place this week, with the Revue, Maroon is the New Black, being staged on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. After rehearsing a great deal over the holiday period, the Year 12s are ready to fulfil the tradition of staging a comical Revue, which this year promises to deliver plenty of laughs through cleverly scripted jokes and satirical situations. I encourage all students, parents and staff to support the work of the Year 12s by attending one of the three nights.


Relocation of Y5/Y6 Reception

Y5-Y6 relocation map

Please note that Y5/Y6 Reception has now relocated to the area marked on the map above, between the Library and the Years 5-6 precinct.  Please note that:

1)      Students must be signed in and out of Year 5/6 Reception if they arrive late or depart during the day.
2)      Parents must report to Year 5/6 Reception to collect students, they should not go directly to classrooms.
3)      Year 5/6 students needing First Aid should go to Year 5/6 Reception. 

There is now NO Reception area in the Principal’s building, as Main Reception is in the Morison Centre.

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