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Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

The end of every term is busy, and certainly Term 3 is no exception. Over the past few weeks we have had a myriad of events and activities. Our students have been able to display their talents, have their skills recognised or just simply have fun.

Last Monday evening, a large number of students’ skills, attributes and commitment were recognised at the Winter Sports Awards Night. In what is now becoming a permanent fixture on the College calendar, students who were involved orienteering, snowsports, netball, soccer and basketball over the 2019 winter season were presented with an overview of the season in each sport. Three members from each team were then presented with an award for either improvement, contribution or excellence. I was very impressed by the large number of students and parents who attended the evening and I would like to thank Mr Brent Larkham and his Sports Department staff for the time and effort they put into organising the event. As is always the case, if parents have constructive feedback on how the night could be improved, we welcome communication.

winter sports awards girls netball soccer 

Over the past couple of weekends, I have had the privilege of watching a number of Radford teams fighting out finals, concluding the winter competition. Whilst the results have not always gone our way, I have at all times been very impressed by the manner in which our team members have played, consistently demonstrating good sportsmanship, as well as determination and commitment.

At the end of last week, I was invited to the Year 10 Drama production, which was written and produced by the class over the course of the term. It was an outstanding piece of drama, cleverly scripted with excellent acting performances by all the cast, but particularly Maggie Potter who was on stage throughout the entire production. A special mention must go to Oliver Johnstone, who in his debut Director’s role, managed to bring to fruition a very entertaining production.Year 10 drama JS Disco JS Disco

Next door to the production, a large number of Junior School students were dancing and bopping their hearts out to a similarly themed 80s night. The night, which attracted more than 600 students over two sessions, managed to raise $1900 for the Radford Tribal Council, who will now be deliberating as to which charities they will support. There was a huge amount of fun and laughter coming from both the staff and students over the course of the night, and logistically an amazing feat to ferry that number of students backwards and forwards from the Junior School to the TB Millar Hall in the dark.

Student Leaders for 2020 Announced

After an extensive selection process, involving a review of applications, voting by students and staff, shortlisting and further discussion and interviews with senior staff, the final group of student leaders for 2020 have now been selected.

At a Secondary School assembly last week, the Prefects and Captains and Vice-Captains for 2020 were announced to staff and students. 

I have every expectation that this group of students will lead the College well and will serve the student body with energy, drive and humility.

Captains and Prefects 2020 

College Captains

Olivia Lloyd

Gus Murray

College Vice-Captains

Grace Kuchlmayr

Michael Troy

Student Council Prefects

Holly Griggs

Sofia Le Lievre

Callum Wills

Sport Prefects

Jacinta Davies

Henry Wallace

Service-Learning Prefects

Flynn Kelly

Maxine Kerruish

Luiza Luppi

Georgia Waddell-Wood

Performing Arts Prefects


Elisabeth Gregory

Jesse Wright

Communications Prefect

Claire Huang

Acacia House Prefect

Elena Kingham

Banksia House Prefect

Brendan Wilson

Boronia House Prefect

Tom Phelps

Huon House Prefect

Ben Matesic

Jarrah House Prefect

Chelsea Kenneally

Karri House Prefect

Ryan Lui

Kurrajong House Prefect

Andrew Kerr

Wandoo House Prefect

Lauren Nguyen

Release of Results for the BSSS and IB DP

Traditionally, when Year 12 results are released to students, the Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) puts out a media release which contains the following information about individual schools:

  • Number of Senior Secondary Certificates awarded
  • Number of Year 12 students awarded a vocational certificate qualification
  • % of Senior Secondary Certificate Receivers awarded a Tertiary Entrance Statement (TES)
  • Median Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR)
  • % of TES eligible students with an ATAR >= 60.00

At a recent BSSS Board meeting, recommendations were adopted which will basically see individual school information not released to the public, but rather system-wide information being the only statistical information released. The recommendations adopted were:

  1. That the Board report on system-wide data annually in December
  2. That the Board release system-wide data to the media
  3. That the recommendation be implemented in 2019.

The proposal to annually publish Year 12 system-wide data in December would include: 

  • Number of ACT schools with students with an ATAR greater than 95
  • Number of students with TES
  • Number of students graduating with M courses (for students with a disability criteria)
  • Overview of results for Indigenous students
  • Number of ACT schools with Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) students
  • Number of ASBA students
  • Number of external VET qualifications on ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC)
  • Number of students completing an H course (a course approved by a Higher Education provider)
  • Student stories – curriculum and learning-based stories
  • List of new courses studied by students
  • Number of students with Senior Secondary Certificate. 

According to the report handed down by the committee who considered this change, the rationale for the change was: 

BSSS reporting on Year 12 system-wide data, as opposed to data on individual schools, protects educational communities from adverse outcomes when schools’ performance is published in the form of a ‘league table’. At the same time, BSSS reporting on Year 12 system-wide data fulfils its responsibility to provide accurate and relevant information to the public. 

Publishing Year 12 system-wide data will not cause unwarranted harm to schools. The principle is that school communities should be protected from misleading insinuations: for example, implying that a ranking of schools by the median ATAR or top ATAR is also a ranking of educational ‘quality’ or ‘merit’. In addition, the Year 12 system-wide data fulfils the Board’s obligation to the community of their right to information that is accurate and relevant.

These changes mean that whilst Radford will still publish its median ATAR and give other statistical information about the results, there will not be any public listing of its performance relative to other schools in the ACT, nor will there be any media releases with individual school results. It is envisaged that other schools will also publish their individual school’s results on websites, and that members of the public will be able to compile their own school ranking by visiting a range of school websites.

From 2020, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) will be releasing results for its southern hemisphere Diploma Program (DP) schools in mid-December, rather than early January, as has previously been the case. The IBO has set a release date of the 17 December for the 2020 results, which coincides well with the release date for the BSSS. This means from 2020, the calculation for the median ATAR and other statistical information, will include IB DP results.

Inaugural Foundation Dinner – Don’t Miss Out

The Radford College Foundation is staging its inaugural dinner, An Evening with The Hon. Julie Bishop on Friday 29 November. In what promises to be a fabulous night, former Chief Scientist and former ANU Vice Chancellor, Ian Chubb will be in conservation with the former Foreign Minister and incoming Chancellor of ANU, The Hon. Julie Bishop.

The dinner will be held in the top level of the Morison Centre and will include drinks and canapés on arrival, followed by a magnificent three‑course meal. The evening will include some entertainment and of course the opportunity to socialise with a range of people from the Radford community. The evening will also include live and silent auction items.

I encourage all parents to come along. Tickets are available online.

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