Get Ready for the New Work Order

Radford Institute Seminar on the new work order

Radford Institute Seminar on the new work order

Date: Wednesday 21 March
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre

The pace of change has never been so great nor as disruptive as it is today. Young people will need to innovate in business, communities, government and the global realm to solve emerging challenges and create a fairer society. To do all this they will need to be able to navigate the new work order - where whole career progressions are being altered, new professions are coming into existence and traditional jobs are being swallowed by automation. So how do we prepare our young people for this future?

Currently the CEO of Foundation for Young Australians, Jan Owen is a highly-regarded social entrepreneur, innovator, influencer and author who has spent the past 25 years growing Australia's youth, social enterprise and innovation sectors.

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