Girls and Boys teams enjoy AFL Belconnen Cup

The victorious Years 5 and 6 Girls AFL team which won the Belconnen Cup

The victorious Years 5 and 6 Girls AFL team which won the Belconnen Cup

By the Years 5-6 Radford Girls AFL team

For the past two weeks, Mr Craddock has been training 12 of us for the Years 5 and 6 Girls AFL Belconnen Cup. We went into the competition excited and ready to play but also nervous knowing we only had just enough players and no reserves. This didn’t stop us and on Thursday 7 March we competed in the AFL Belconnen Cup. Few of the girls had ever played before and we had never played as a team. We improved remarkably throughout the day, having lots of fun along the way. The 12 girls (Lussia, Amber, Jessi, Cynara, Mary, Katherine, Bonnie, Amelia, Coco, Laura, Ellie, Makayla) played five matches and were undefeated, even without reserves.

We started our day strongly with a 72 – 4 victory and followed this up with a 92 – 0 win in our second game. We went into the finals placed in first position but by now we were exhausted. After lunch we played the finals against Weetangera. This was our hardest game. We held our positions and continued communicating with each other. After half time the scores were close. We kept working together and were able to win the game 27 – 14. It was such a thrilling victory and we all had so much fun. We won the Belconnen Cup, which finished up with a small presentation ceremony. We then went and watched the boys finish their final game. All the girls loved playing AFL and we are looking forward to competing in the Canberra Cup next term. We hope we can get some more training in, as we will be playing against the best teams of the other regions around Canberra.

The Boys team rests between gamesBy Josh Wickham, Year 6

Radford students in Years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be a part of the Canberra AFL tournament. This year we played in the Belconnen Cup which was held at Kippax Oval. It was one of four cup tournaments, with the winners heading to the Canberra Cup, and the winners from there heading to Sydney for the grand finals.

In the boys’ part of the cup, there were five teams. Our first game gave us great confidence as we won the game 44 -7. We played well as a team, passing the ball and moving it around well. This continued into the second game as we kept them back, only allowing them to score a few points. We got some lucky marks and intercepts which led to the end of the game and the final score which was 52-4.

After that game, we had recess and had a snack and then trained and kicked the footy around. After recess we had a bye which really put us off for our next game against Aranda.
We started off with a fantastic goal from Rory who kicked it from halfway. From here on we started making mistakes. We couldn’t make passes, we felt slow and not many of our kicks made it. Aranda were a much better team. They were able to get around us and score big points. We lost, finishing the game 30 points behind Aranda.

This put us into second place with Weetangera coming first. We knew if we lost we would not be able to make it to the Cup. At this point it was lunch and once again we ate and then did some training. After that we felt confident that we could pull this off, but it would be a challenge because Weetangera were undefeated.

When the game started we had not played in our positions and that gave us a really bad start to the game. Every now and then we would get down to our forwards who would kick a couple points until we got another goal. At half time we walked off, it seemed as if we had no chance of winning. Mr C. encouraged us to lift our heads and hold our positions. We went back on like a different team. We started off with a goal in the first minute and kept the momentum up and scored another goal. This continued back and forth with both teams playing some great football. In the end we fell short by 7 points. Weetangera had beaten us.

We shook hands and congratulated everyone. We had one last game to play between third and fourth. This last game was against St Monicas who played really well. The entire game was even until we managed to get a goal just before the siren. We won and ended up finishing third overall. It was a great day playing AFL.

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