Giving Groups: Junior School Helpers

By Radford Reporter, Charlotte Taylor Year 8 

Every fortnight, students from Y7-Y12 walk from the Secondary School over to the Junior School to teach, help, and make new relationships with the “little kids”. This Giving Group helps students to connect with one another while also making new friends and having a lot of fun. They complete fun activities like scavenger hunts, PE games and artworks, while learning about Radford and the environment around them. These generous secondary school students are not only helping fellow students, but they’re helping each other and themselves to become better people. Some students say that they just enjoy being in the classrooms watching the kids grow into individuals. These are some responses I got from some students I interviewed.

“I like having the big kids helping me with my work”- Sophie Linton Yr. 2

“I like being able to visit the junior school and get to know the students and help them with their schoolwork. I think that giving groups allow students to involve themselves more in the Radford community”- Emily Gates Yr. 12

The most valuable moment I took back from that session is that every time the helpers walked through the door, or the smiles that lit up on their faces, the mood in the room lightens and the students instantly have this positive energy that is contagious.


Helping in the Junior School Helping in the Junior School




















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