Giving Groups: OzHarvest Extension

Radford students assist the work of OzHarvest

Radford students assist the work of OzHarvest

By Radford Reporter, Hannah Hosick Year 7

This past semester Radford College students have been participating in Giving Groups, one being the OzHarvest extension. 

OzHarvest is a food rescue organisation dedicated to helping and supporting those who can’t afford or access nutritious foods.  OzHarvest founded in 2004 by Ronni Kahn, after she noticed the large volume of food that was going to waste in the hospitality industry. The organisation started in Sydney, and had delivered 4,000 meals within a month. The organisation now operates nationally and rescues more than 180 tonnes of food every week. OzHarvest has over 3,500 food donors, including hotels, supermarkets, farmers and catering companies. 

The Radford College students participating in the Giving Group work alongside the organisation helping to prepare meals. The ingredients are delivered to the school on Tuesdays and the Giving Group members help prepare the ingredients for the Year 10 students who participate in the OzHarvest cooking co-curricular activity on Wednesday afternoons. After the Year 10 students have completed cooking, OzHarvest comes to Radford and collects the meals. 

The Giving Group’s aim is to help support the work of OzHarvest. The students’ participation in the OzHarvest extension helps to achieve the elimination of hunger and food waste, providing the disadvantaged and those who are destitute with nutritious and fresh meals. 

The students enjoy cooking and want to give back to the community. They would like to help the community and believe participating in the OzHarvest Extension is a way to do so.


The meals prepared by the students go to homeless shelters, refugees, youth centres and university residences. The students are excited to be a part of the OzHarvest extension, and look forward to working with the organisation in the future.

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