Harmony Day celebrates diversity

Harmony Week 2015 at Radford

Harmony Week 2015 at Radford

By Melanie Hirst, Assistant Head of English

Our Harmony Day celebrations were a great opportunity to celebrate the incredibly diverse culture of Australia. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Even here at Radford, in our relatively small community, we have students and staff from all around the globe. Last week we ran a number of activities to celebrate the diversity within our community.

On Monday 16 March Years 5?12 enjoyed some ?Conversations and Cupcakes in the Quad?. This was an opportunity for students and staff to gather and share food and stories.

Harmony Week cupcakes

On Thursday, Senior students were joined by students from the Junior School on the Mackinnon Oval where House Captains ran a range of activities. Amidst the Parachute, Tunnel Ball and games of Octopus a group of staff and students also battled it out in a traditional Indigenous ball game called Buroinjin. This was a hotly contested match with both sides claiming victory.

Harmony Week

To conclude the week, Junior School students came to school dressed in clothing representing a culture that held meaning for them. What a feast of colour and design and a great opportunity for sharing! On this day our Senior Student?s Relay for Life Teams cooked up an international feast in the main quad to celebrate the wonderful tastes of the globe and to raise money for the Cancer Council. This was a wonderful event ? kicked off by a group of students performing a Chinese pop dance. It was a brilliant culmination of our week of celebrating diversity in our community.

Lederhosen on Harmony Day

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