Hypersonics lecture by Prof. Russell Boyce: invitation to Radford community

Hypersonics - Radford to Sydney in 2 minutes!

Hypersonics - Radford to Sydney in 2 minutes!

The Radford community, including parents, teachers, students and friends, are invited to a special presentation by Professor Russell Boyce: Hypersonics.

Date: Tuesday 24 March 2015

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: Senior School Lecture Theatre

Hypersonics is the art of flying REALLY FAST. So fast, you could get from Radford to Sydney in less than 2 minutes. That is, if you could design an aircraft that can cope with crazy aerodynamics that would rip you to pieces if you flew too low, temperatures at the nose exceeding 3000 degrees that will melt most materials, and if you equipped it with a scramjet engine.

Professor Russell Boyce, formerly Chair for Hypersonics at UQ, and now Chair for Space Engineering at UNSW Canberra, has spent 25 years researching the science and technology of flying REALLY FAST, including a rocket-launched scramjet experiment high above the Arctic Circle in Norway. On Tuesday 24th March, 5:30pm, Senior School Lecture Theatre, Russell will give insight into the science, the research, the technology, the applications, and into the way that young Australians can get involved in exciting, world-class research.

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