Important - traffic flow measures for Secondary School

A reminder to all parents, caregivers, staff and students about traffic flow measures at the Haydon Drive end of the campus, which were introduced in April 2019. Read through this information carefully. The College will be reinforcing these measures from Monday 10 May.

The Morison Centre is the only pick-up and set-down area for the Secondary School, inside the campus. The G. Wigg Sports Centre, is only be accessible for staff and student parking at peak times.

Morison Centre access from Haydon Drive

Vehicles entering from Haydon Drive will be able to continue up the back road to the designated pick-up and set-down loop in front of the Morison Centre (see yellow arrows on map), exiting again via the Haydon Drive traffic lights.

Carpark access and egress from Haydon Drive
During these periods, access from Haydon Drive to the carpark adjacent to the Mackinnon Senior School will be restricted to entry only. There will be no exit at the following times:

8.00am – 8.30am

3.30pm – 3.45pm

Please note: From 1 April, there will be no right turn from the road adjacent to the Mackinnon Senior School on to the back road, at any time, to prevent gridlock on these two roads.

The back road will continue to be available to vehicles wanting to access the Junior School or other parts of the campus.

As always, the external College St pick-up and set-down zone is available for those wanting to avoid congestion inside the campus at peak times. A reminder to pull forward to the very front of this zone, if possible, to minimise vehicles backing up to the College St / Haydon Drive intersection.

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