Inquiry Maths in Action

Bruce Ferrington, presenting to ACT Maths teachers last week

Bruce Ferrington, presenting to ACT Maths teachers last week

Emily Begbie - Assistant Head JS, Innovation & Excellence

Last Wednesday, Junior School teacher Bruce Ferrington gave a presentation to a gathering of ACT primary and secondary mathematics teachers on the philosophy and process of inquiry maths.  The focus of the workshop was Maths300, a professional development resource developed by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, which draws on the most interesting maths lessons from classrooms across Australia.  

In Maths300 co-founder Charles Lovitt’s words, teachers need to make maths:

“relevant and engaging, and effectively use technology, and make it challenging to develop problem solving and reasoning, and create a culture of inquiry and curiosity where students’ ideas are valued, and exploit visual and kinesthetic learning, and seek connection to other subjects…”. 

No small feat.  

Mr Ferrington demonstrated how this sort of maths learning can be achieved through the use of engaging, open-ended and challenging problems.  Teachers were invited to participate in a range of tasks to experience the mathematical inquiry and thinking processes that this sort of lesson invites.  The lively and enthusiastic contributions of workshop attendees were a testament to the high calibre of learning undertaken.

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