Journey to Exhibition: Part 2

More news from students in Week 2 of their journey to Exhibition

More news from students in Week 2 of their journey to Exhibition

By Kaiya Barsby and Lussia Parker 

PYP Exhibition 2020This quote is the inspiration and motivation of our exhibition 2020. [Seuss, D. (1971). The Lorax, Random House, New York].

It’s the end of yet another week of learning how to respond and act responsibly to the problems we need to change in OUR world. But it’s the start of a new motivation to grow and develop what we want to represent our identity. 

We had some amazing experiences this week. They included the inspiring guest speaker Dr Baker. He talked to the Year 6 cohort about the environment, plastic pollution and the action we can take to solve these global issues. Unfortunately, only 1 of 3 groups got to go on the amazing excursion to test water samples at our local lake. But don’t worry! Our persevering teachers are trying to organise another trip for those who missed out.

Exhibition guest speaker Dr Baker

This week we focused on who we are, our passions and the difference between concepts and topics. We learnt that a concept is the overarching theme, whilst topics are the branches on the main tree. We dedicated our week to who we are and what we are passionate about personally. 

On Friday, we had to fill out a form with answers to these questions: which 3 concepts we wanted to explore and which 5 people in the year we work well with. 

This is a big milestone with Exhibition, because the people we get put with will hopefully be working with us for the next 8 weeks. 

We are looking forward to the team-building excursion next week at Swing Into Life, where we will be working on cooperation skills in our exhibition groups. We are all looking forward to finding out our groups on Tuesday! 

It’s the end of the week, but the start of an amazing exhibition journey!

Water testing to gather data for Exhibition

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