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The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

By Acting Head of Junior School Karen Mahar

Dates to Remember 2019
Tues 5 Feb                               Parent/Teacher Conversation

Wed 6 Feb                               Term 1 starts - Students Return

It’s hard to believe the school year is over. But what a year it has been!

Most recently we celebrated belonging to the Junior School. We acknowledged significant achievements in the Junior School at the Awards afternoon. We honour and wish our Year 6 students well, as they transition to our Secondary School.

Fun day at the Radford Boatshed
Our Year 6 students were the beneficiaries of a carefully planned day of fun, frivolity and celebration, at the Radford Boatshed on Friday. Many thanks to the Boatshed staff, Junior School staff and our Year 5 students, who planned and supported these activities. The weather was glorious, the atmosphere joyous with many tired but happy smiles.

Staff movements
As we look towards 2019, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following Junior School staff for their contributions:

  • Mrs Lesley Chumack, Miss Justine Shields, Mrs Pauline Carr and Mr Jared Cox, who all finish their contracts. We are grateful for their efforts.
  • Mrs Jen Hillman, who will be taking Long Service Leave in term 1.
  • Mrs Ellie Ellis, who is currently on maternity leave, will not be returning to Radford. We wish her and her family much happiness and success with their relocation to Victoria.
  • Our warmest wishes are extended to Jo and Dean O’Brien as they embark on their teacher exchange to Woodstock, Canada.
  • Ms Emily Campbell, who has been a much loved teacher at Radford for 11 years. Emily is taking up a position at The Anglican School Googong, just down the road from her new home.
  • Mrs Anna Mason, who will be joining her husband in Auckland where he has moved for work commitments.
  • Ms Julianne Hay, who is taking up an exciting opportunity to teach in an IB PYP School in Singapore.
  • Mrs Jessica Ford, who is relocating to Sydney to take up a leadership role at Trinity Grammar, in Strathfield.
  • The vivacious Mrs Lisa Clarke, who has worked in at Radford for 13 years, is pursuing her dream of teaching. Lisa has been a dedicated and committed staff member, undertaking a variety of different roles, including ELC reception, Events Coordinator and Student Support Assistant. We wish Lisa every success.

We warmly welcome the following staff to the Junior School in 2019:

Rebecca Shea

Rachael Junokovic

Laura Poultney

Bella Dalton
Leanne McKenzie

Chelsea O’Dell

Gabrielle Cole

Tegan Crain

Daniel Madden

Brad Luhrs

Sarah Whitley

Kathryn Hawkey

Phoebe Wood

Claire Crocker

Rachelle Martin

Meg King

Nathan King

Nick Martin

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Radford staff for their dedication, professionalism and care provided to our students.

Thank you to the families and people within the Radford Community, for their much appreciated assistance and support. And of course, we appreciate the enthusiasm and perseverance demonstrated by our students, both in the classroom and when participating in the co-curricular life of the school.

It is my hope that each of you experience a wonderful summer break, partaking in what nourishes you, pausing to enjoy time with the significant others in your life.

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