JS News 10 April 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Important dates

Wednesday 10 April                        Easter service                   

Friday 12 April                                Radford College Foundation Day

Monday 29 April                              Term 2 commences


It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of Term 1, until one considers the considerable achievements and progress made since starting the new year. 

The year started well with the hosting of our Open School Morning in February. Some highlights of Term 1 also included the handing over of the Year 3 and 4 Ridge building, utilising new learning spaces associated with our expanded school, the welcoming of more than 300 grandparents and grand friends of our students in March, a successful Swimming carnival and Year 2-6 Athletics Carnivals, Year 6 PE sessions at the Radford Rowing Shed, the completion of our summer sports program, preparations for our winter sports and activities, in addition to Friday sports sessions involving dance, cricket, soccer and basketball, all being conducted by experts in these fields. Topping things off, Term 1 saw many students participating in enriching cocurricular groups. 

Exciting start to the race House spirit at the Athletics carnival

The majority of the Junior School staff have completed the online Apple Teacher training: wow! 

A sincere message of thanks to all staff and students engaging in these and other teaching and learning opportunities. We continue to be grateful for these contributions to our school culture. 

Round Square Trip

Radford is fortunate to be involved with the Round Square organisation. Round Square is an internationally diverse network of 200 likeminded schools in 50 countries on six continents that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences, developing global competence, character and confidence in our students. 

These school holidays, eight Junior school students and two staff will be travelling to Jakarta, Indonesia, to participate in the International Conference. We wish them well and look forward to hearing about their experiences, challenges and successes. 

Foundation Day

Image created by JS studentsThis is a significant day each year at Radford College.  On this day, our community celebrates our College mission statement: Living in the Truth, Rising in Compassion and Walking in Wisdom.

To commence the day, students will attend “The Telling” at a whole College service. Junior School students will participate in team activities, service in the community and create a foundation box.

Foundation Day canteen arrangements
This Friday – Foundation Day, there will be no over the counter sales at the Canteen, lunch orders will be available.

Junior School Staffing update

Phoebe Wood will be leaving the College at the end of Term 1. We thank Phoebe for her contributions to the Year 2 team this year and wish her well for the future. 

We wish to advise that Year 3CD teacher, Craig Donaldson, has secured a highly coveted position working at an International school in Pattaya, Thailand. Craig will be leaving the College at the end of Term 1 to pursue this role.  Craig is an educator committed to cultivating strong relationships with students and their families, and he will be remembered fondly by staff and students. We extend our warmest wishes to him and his family as they embark on their adventures in Thailand. 

We are also pleased to advise that we have recruited a locally born teacher, Hayley Oldfield, most recently working internationally, to join our Junior School staff to join the Year 3 team. 

We also welcome a number of short-term contract staff, including Jared Cox, who returns for Term 2 to support the JS music team in Years K-3, Bruce Willett in Year 6 and Jenny Drake in the ELC Reception.

Happy end of term

I hope everyone is able to find some time to pause and relax after a busy start to the school year. Autumn holidays present an opportunity to enjoy cool evenings and warm sunny days.

Rest well and stay safe 😊.

Junior School Shout Outs


KCH - Walter Small for enthusiasm and zest. 

KSG - Chloe Black for being a creative learner and displaying a love of learning.  

KLP - Alexa Kardaris for showing independence when working at her desk and her excellent cooperative skills. 

KAS - Olivia Bettison for being a thinker and a leader when problem solving in a group task. 

Year 1

1MH - Karen Xie – Showing commitment to becoming a knowledgeable writer.  

1RJ - Anushka Pilla for being a risk taker and constantly displaying a love of learning. 

1AT - Micah Constable for showing commitment in his learning applications and displaying greater control of self-regulation 

1AJ - Ben Jackson for being a risk-taker and exhibiting bravery when faced with challenges 

Year 2 

2KH - Austin Saunderson for being an inquirer and sharing his research and knowledge with his Year 1 buddy. 

2SD - William Pennington for being principled and displaying a love of learning 

2PW - Ella Muirhead for being reflective and choosing to take action in our recent UOI project on significant places. 

2LM - Lachlan Embleton for displaying zest at the Athletics Carnival and sharing your positivity with everyone around you.  

Year 3 

3MK - Henry Dong for having great self-management skills and for being a thinker. 

3JC - Tanaz Hussain for her commitment to her work and the risk-taking attitude she has shown towards attempting new tasks. 

3RS - Abhiram Kaza for demonstrating respect and self-management skills during Chapel.  

3CD - Hugo Uren for the courage and dedication he demonstrates in his learning. 

3RB - Shanika Mamoon for enthusiasm and for being principled.

Year 4 

4NK - Tommy Charlton for being principled and an inquirer with his digital learning. 

4JC - Olivia Christian for her caring nature and consideration for classmates. 

4KP - Alexander Tailby for his commitment and open-minded approach to learning. 

4BF-Aariz Giri for being a caring and diligent friend. 

4TM - Sophie Bastow for her quiet yet enthusiastic commitment to learning.

Year 5 

5TM - Peta Macintosh for her creativity and being an inquirer with her digital skills. 

5RR - Zach Slattery for self-regulation and a renewed commitment to writing. 

5BL - Eva Tsiros for demonstrating curiosity and an open-minded approach in Mathematics. 

5SW - Abby Lenson for demonstrating integrity and independence with her learning  

Year 6

 6TW-Oliver Curll for using self-regulation and showing commitment to his learning. 

6DM - Edward (Ned) Minchin for striving to be a thinker and committed, self-regulated learner. 

6HB - Thomas Derix for showing exceptional kindness and demonstrating deep thinking.  

6TH - Ellie Dawe for showing commitment to her learning and perseverance when faced with challenge.  

Specialist Staff 

Library – Ella Muirhead for being a great communicator when she was reviewing and recommending books.

Library – Olivia Elliott, being an enthusiastic member of Beyond the Book Club.

Art – Alba Murphy, extending and taking initiative to further her learning and being an excellent, principled member of our art studio.

Spanish – Johnny Alex, being an excellent thinker.

Mrs Ross – James King for being a leader and showing kindness to others.

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