JS News, 11 Sept 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary


Thursday 12 Sept

1RJ Exc to Barton Grocer

Friday 12 Sept

6HB Exc to Questacon

Monday 16 Sept

1AT Exc to Barton Grocer

Tuesday 17 Sept

ICAS English Test

Wednesday 18 Sept

Year 5 Parent Camp Information Session
PKMQ and PKDM Learning Journey
JS Disco – booking required

Our Father’s Day Breakfast last Friday was underpinned by a strong sense of community, with warm and welcoming smiles everywhere. Barbeques were brimming with sausages sizzling as our Junior School students shared sauced-up sausage sandwiches with their families. Everyone was entertained by our young choral groups the “Warblers” and the “Songsters”, in the lead up to the introduction of Andy Gordon, our new Head of Junior School. 

We are very grateful for the planning and preparation involved in organising these events. A “big thank you” to Beth Maggs, Megan Sharp, Angie Walters, Trish Smith and Tracey Markovic.

Andy Gordon at the Father's Day Breakfast Father's Day Breakfast 2019 

Father's Day Breakfast 2019 Staff assisting at the Father's Day Breakfast 2019

Additionally, many Junior School staff arrived early to offer assistance and ensure everything went smoothly and to plan. It’s truly wonderful to have colleagues who consistently go above and beyond, as these people do! 



We expect that anyone who knows our Year 5 student, Annabelle Moloney, is well aware of her love and passion for drama and musical theatre. Annabelle has proudly performed in several productions, both at the school and in the wider community. In the upcoming Queanbeyan Players Production, “Oliver”, Annabelle has been cast as “Nipper”, a cheeky young thief in Fagin’s gang of youths. The show runs at the Q Theatre Friday September 27th - Sunday 6th October.  

Annabelle Moloney, with the cast of "Oliver"

Photo credit: Moore Photography.  Centre left, our Year 5 student Annabelle, next to “Oliver”.


The College was indeed privileged to welcome Dr Justin Coulson to our school earlier this week. Justin is heralded as one of Australia’s leading parenting, relationships and wellbeing experts. He spoke with some of our year level groups, members of our teaching staff, as well as presenting to the wider community on Monday evening. Offering a wealth of experience and expertise, if you missed Justin’s presentation, or would like to learn more, please access some of his podcasts via the following link: https://www.happyfamilies.com.au/podcasts/  

[See Claire Melloy’s article this week, “No matter what”, for details of Dr Coulson’s presentations.]


Shout Outs 

Week 7 

Shout outs 

KCH - Ali Cornish - showing bravery and confidence. 

KSG - Benny Holliday - being principled. 

KLP - Evelyn Ward - her bravery in confidently starting at a new school and making many new friends. 

KAS - Faye Sun - bravely speaking in front of the class. 

Year 1 

1MH – Hannah MacCallum - being a brave risktaker when tackling new tasks. 

1RJ – Marcus Te Moananui - being a kind and caring member of Kindergarten. 

1AT - Oliver Tan – for his inquiry thinking and commitment to his learning

1AJ- Hamish McDonald - always being a kind and considerate member of class. 

Year 2 

2KH – Sophie Schulha - always being an enthusiastic inquirer in her work.  

2SD - Joshua Brogan - being an inquirer throughout the How the World Works unit. 

2DG – Ari Livas - showing bravery and working hard to have a go at maths and other tasks independently. 

2LM – Poppy Breingan – working hard to develop positive work habits and 'having a go' 

Year 3 

3MK – Hayley Skinner - her appreciation, tolerance and caring attitude as we begin our new unit of Inquiry.  

3JC – Abhiraj Chaudry – demonstrating self-regulation and a reflective attitude;

3JC - Syna Kataria - her enthusiasm and dedication towards her learning.  

3RS – Sophia Jansen - demonstrating bravery during our Unit of Inquiry provocation.  

3HO – Emily Bull - displaying a mature and thoughtful approach to our Unit of Inquiry provocation. 

3RB -  Saharsh Yelamanchili – demonstrating zest and enthusiasm in contributing to team, by sharing his thinking during discussions.

Year 4 

4NK – Tom Greogalis - his positivity and displaying enthusiasm towards his learning. 

4JC - Tanish Patel - going out of his way to share his knowledge and skills to support others. 

4KP - Sofia Dal Bon - being an inquirer and demonstrating care for others 

4BF – Claire Mazanov - being an enthusiastic, committed and dedicated reader 

4TM – Ayva Chaloner - her perseverance and commitment to her learning. 

Year 5 

5TM - Eliza Muscat - her caring and proactive attitude and actions in helping the Radford community and environment. 

5RR - Austin Brown - showing enthusiasm and a reflective attitude towards learning. 

5BL – Sophie Purvis - demonstrating responsibility and care for the school environment. 

5SW – Otis Hibberd - being a committed and persistent learner. 

Year 6 

6TW – Makayla Paton - demonstrating excellent self-management, self-regulation and research skills during Exhibition. 

6DM – Danny Gellately - striving to be a knowledgeable inquirer;

6DM - Mia Gibbons - open-minded willingness to learn new things and contagious enthusiasm during Exhibition. 

6HB – Saanvi Talluri – outstanding kindness and empathy and approaching learning with curiosity. 

6TF – Isobel Higgins - being an enthusiastic inquirer throughout the Exhibition finding out phase.  



Library - Sloane Milner KLP – always showing great enthusiasm when borrowing and reading. (Mrs PW) 

Library - Ella Barrasch 3MK - demonstrating creativity and care in Library lessons. (Mrs Hind) 

PE – Ella Huang 3HO – always giving her best and demonstrating excellent sportsmanship during PE (Mrs Phelps) 

Spanish – Keren Zhang – always showing dedication and motivation in Spanish 

Wellbeing – Cyrus French 5RR – participating and applying his understanding to all areas of wellbeing. 

Mrs Ross -  Emma Stewart (4KP) - demonstrating kindness and care towards others. 


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