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Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Excursion/Incursion dates to remember

Wed 12 Aug

Year 5 SHFPACT Information Session

Thur 13 Aug

Year 6 Excursion to National Gallery of Australia

Fri 14 Aug

Year 5 SHFPACT Information Session
PreK Incursion Footsteps Dance
Kinder Incursion Footsteps Dance

Tues 18 Aug

ICAS Science
1MH & 1RJ Excursion to Tatum Farm

Wed 19 Aug

Year 6 Water Testing Excursion
1AJ &1HT Excursion to Tatum Farm

Satellite Selfie - see information below under "Science Week"

Library date

Sun 23 Aug

Close of Scholastic Book Club online orders

Dear Families 

Celebration and Systems
We celebrate each other’s achievements. It is always very special to celebrate our Shout Out recipients at our Celebrations. I mentioned to our learners in our Celebration that successful people become successful by observing and learning from successful people. A simple illustration is that if you want to get better at playing golf, spend time watching, listening to and learning from a successful golfer. Shout Outs are an opportunity to hear and see what other learners are acknowledged for. This is powerful and life-applying advice. It is a system that can be used, re-used and modelled for others. 

New Learning and Systems
I experienced learning this past weekend. I needed to do a course to have my motorbike licence acknowledged in the ACT. It was so refreshing to view learning through the eyes of a student. There were learning intentions, success criteria, structure to the lessons, explicit teaching, instructor modelling, multiple exposures to experience success, feedback and questioning. These are all strategies that effective and successful teachers use. The course instructor referred to each new learning experience as systems. The instructor quite dramatically referred to the systems as being the things which kept motorbike riders alive. He made reference to the name given to motorbike riders, ‘temporary Australians’. He spoke of the system for mounting the bike. The system for starting the bike. The system for moving off. The system for increasing speed. The system for stopping. The system for emergency stopping. The system for parking. I loved this concept of understanding the application of learning as systems. It also resonated with me for though we preference relational language rather than systems language, we do, however, have systems for all parts of our schooling experience. Systems for drop off and pick up. Systems for the start of the day. Systems for effective learning. Systems for assessment and reporting. Systems for supporting social and emotional learning. Systems for how we understand the behavioural expectations at school. These systems are supported by effective strategies that we know support our learners to experience both success and mastery. I am confident that you have systems in your home, your workplace and even in your hobbies. We are not temporary learnings. We learn for every conscious moment we have. 

As we celebrate each other’s learning and success, we know that our turn to have our learning celebrated will happen. Others will share in our success because that is a part of our culture.

Yours faithfully



National Science Week: 15 – 23 August

The theme for this year’s National Science Week is ‘The Deep Blue: Innovation for the Future of our Oceans’. As part of our Science Week focus, we would love families to engage in some activities at home. During Week 5 (17 – 21 August), a selection of Science Week related activities will be shared through each year level Sway. As you know, the Sway can be accessed on the Junior School page of Radford Online. Our hope is that families will choose an activity that becomes the focus of home learning for that week. Alternatively, you may choose to enter the SEAACT Science Fair and work on your experiment during home learning. Details regarding the Science Fair can be found below. We would love to receive photos and/or video of the home activities that we can compile into a presentation to celebrate the fun of Science Week. There will be an ‘upload link’ contained within each Sway to support the submission of photos and videos. 

The other exciting experience will involve the Junior School participating in a ‘Satellite Selfie’. We will create a large message on the oval, that will be big enough to be seen from space.  We will share this image with parents when it is ready to view. More information on the Satellite Selfie can be found here. This will take place between 10am and 11am on Wednesday 19 August on the JA Mackinnon Oval. 

SEAACT Science Fair 2020

Each year, the Science Educators’ Association of the Australian Capital Territory (SEAACT) holds a Science Fair for students in the ACT.  

We have previously communicated with families regarding the SEAACT Science Fair, however, we have now received important logistical information that we are pleased to share with families - please read the linked documents:

More information about the SEAACT Science Fair can be found on their website: https://seaact.act.edu.au/science-fair/, including, the 2019 Handbook that contains detailed guidelines for entries, as well as the assessment rubric that shows the breakdown of the marking criteria. Please note: the information on the website is for 2019 and has not yet been updated for 2020. 

If you have any questions about the SEAACT Science Fair, please email either: 

  • Mr Jon Craddock, Year 3 Teacher, OR
  • Mr Dean O’Brien, Year 4 Teacher.


Library News

Wishing everyone a warm welcome from the library. The Scholastic Book Club Issue 6 catalogue is available to view online at: https://mybookclubs.scholastic.com.au/Parent/Login.aspx. We ask that all orders be placed online via the parent loop by Sunday 23rd August please. Orders will be delivered to the class teacher and distributed to the students.  

Thank you for your patronage, as the Junior School Library receives a small commission from all orders which is used to purchase more resources for the Library. 


Rowing Information Night – Year 6

There will be a Rowing Information Presentation for students in Year 6-11 who are interested in trying rowing this summer. Rowing is a sport which can be successfully taken up at any time. It is never too late to get in a boat so if you are wanting to splash around in Year 6, learn to compete in Year 7 or 8, help us boat a Girls Eight in Year 9 or learn how to train and get fit and strong with the boys and girls in Year 9, 10 and 11, come along and find out more. 

When: Monday 17 August at 6pm 
Where: Wigg 2.1/2.2, G Wigg Sports Centre
Contact: Director of Rowing, Vicky Spencer: Vicky.spencer@radford.act.edu.au 


Shout outs 

PKDM – Alicia Karunathilake – for showing a love of learning and always being ready to learn. 

PKNS – James Bettison – for demonstrating a love of learning and showing that he is a risk taker at school.  

PKBD – Isaac Mailler- for being a thinker and asking great questions about the purpose of eyelashes! 

PKMQ – James Carter – for demonstrating a caring attitude towards his classmates. 

KKS - Catrina Powney for being a thinker when writing creative THRASS stories. 

KSG – Flora Lee for demonstrating a love of learning and being a risk taker with her writing. 

KLP – Amitoj for being a risk taker during our writing sessions and creating rich and interesting writing pieces. 

KAS – Stacey Zhu for demonstrating a love of learning and being a risk-taker during writing sessions 

1MH – Bailey Dunn for displaying a love of learning and being knowledgeable during literacy tasks.  

1RJ – Ryker Chaloner for consistently showing a love of loving and creative thinking during a group project. 

1HT – Evan Guo for improving his thinking skills by being in the right place at the right time ready to learn. 

1AJ – Amruth Arun for displaying perseverance and commitment to all areas of his learning.  

2KH – Maya Tamhane for showing a love of learning when designing and creating a building. 

2SD – Isabelle Kuang for showing a love of learning and taking action by researching to find out extra information about design. 

2GS – Serena Trinh for showing a love of learning and an increased effort when writing about design challenges.  

2LM – Emily Toms for showing a love of learning by striving to develop her writing pieces. 

3AT – Xavier McDonald for consistently displaying a positive attitude, kindness, and commitment to his learning. 

3JC – Mikayla Huang for demonstrating her love of learning, dedication and commitment to her work, which has been particularly evident in her rostrum speech. 

3RS – Sofia Koznjak for displaying a positive mindset, perseverance and increased effort towards her learning.  

3HO – Khushi Katamaneni for displaying a love of learning and using her knowledge to help others. 

3RB – Vennela Gudipelli- for demonstrating enthusiasm for taking care of our planet by consistently remembering to pack a wastefree lunch.  

4TM – James Todd for his creative perspective in his drawing for our novel Hatchet and for always displaying a love of learning. 

4JC – Eleanor Wardle for displaying curiosity and love of learning in our Unit of Inquiry. 

4KP – Ella Huang for displaying enthusiasm and commitment towards her learning 

4BF – Ciara O'Brien for showing fine organisational skills in setting up our class library methodically and systematically. 

4DO – Alex Zhang for his enthusiasm and positive mindset towards learning mathematics. 

5TM – Xavi Canadell for demonstrating perseverance and curiosity towards all learning experiences. 

5DG – Sam Witheford for his thoughtful questions and inquisitive approach to learning about our How We Organise Ourselves Unit. 

5RK – ‘The Honourable’ Tommy Charlton for designing an engaging and persuasive political advertisement which landed him the Prime Ministerial position in the 5RK Class Of Representatives.  

5BL – Oliver Zhang for displaying his love of learning in his engagement with our excursions and How We Organise Ourselves unit. 

5SW – Eloise Richardt for the motivated and committed way she tackles any learning activity. She demonstrates a true love of learning!  

6TW – Isobel Egan – for sharing a love of learning by putting in an outstanding effort in her summative task.

6JO – Austin Brown for showing perseverance and persistence when working on problem solving tasks in mathematics. 

6HB –Patrick MacNamara for his dedication and enthusiasm in promoting Waste Free Wednesday. 

6TF – Oscar Robinson- For displaying the confidence to present family artefacts while explain the history and significance of each artefact 


  • Olivia Treloar for sharing so much knowledge about mythical creatures in Beyond the Bookclub – Mrs Wilson 
  • Yongmin Yin (1AJ) for demonstrating a love of learning when sharing books in library - Mrs Hind 


  • Lucas Allen in 6TF for his focus, enthusiasm and positive mindset when sharing with the class in Music – Mrs Suthers 
  • James Bromley and Ethan Whittaker for showing focus and commitment to learning new skills in Music - Mrs Potter 



  • Ben Kopras for his caring attitude when helping others learn new skills.  - Mr Cox 



  • Alannah Bullock (1MH) for finding connections in her learning and her wonderful detailed drawing. Ms Crocker 
  • Ethan Zhong( 5BL) for his creativity and focus in art class. Ms Crocker  


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