JS News 13 Mar 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Important dates

Fri 15 Mar                   Year 6 Introduction to Rowing

Mon 18 Mar                Year 3 Excursion to CSIRO

Fri 22 Mar                   Year 5/6 Matt Giteau Cup

Grandparents and Grand Friends 

"A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart." – Unknown

Grandfriends Day 2019 Grandfriends Day 2019

Whether they go by the names Grandma and Grandpa, Nana, Grandpop, Pepe, Nonna, Yaya – there's no question that grandparents are one of the greatest sources of love in a child’s life. It's during days like last Friday, when our Grandparents and Grand Friends are welcomed into our learning spaces, when we witness the magic of unconditional love in action.

 Grandfriends Day 2019 Grandfriends Day 2019

"What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies." – Rudolph Giuliani

Year 1 inquiry

The year 1 students are inquiring into Where we Are in Place and Time. They are taking action by exploring the cubby village and establishing agreements around how to care for the village.

 Cubby vetCubby emergency centre

Isabelle - I loved playing in the vet because I liked to care for the animals. I’m going to be a good custodian by always leaving it tidy.

Rohan - I liked playing in the emergency centre because I dressed up as a Police Man. I’m going to be a good custodian by hanging the dress ups back on their hooks.  

Mali - I loved playing in the Police station and I wore the headphones like a real emergency. I’m going to be a good custodian by sharing the equipment and tidying it all away. 

Their inquiry involves exploring shared ownership along with the rights and responsibilities that come with ownership or custodianship. 

The cubby village was created over the summer break and has been an ideal way for Year 1 students to explore custodianship. 

Cubby shop

Ryan – When I played in the cubby village I like the hamburger shop because I liked cooking burgers and chips. I’m going to care for the village by making sure the windows and doors are closed after lunch.  

Sophie C – I like playing in the ice cream shop because you get to make ice creams and sell them to the customers. I’m going to be a good custodian by putting things back where I found them. 

Siobhan – I loved planting the snow peas near the cubby village. I’m going to be a good custodian by watering them lots so they grow up big and we can eat them! 

We are very appreciative of the efforts and commitment of Beth Maggs and Melinda Hamilton in bringing this project to fruition. Their dedication to this project has been admirable. The design and resourcing for the cubby village reflect the ideas from our Kinder and Year 1 students late in 2018. 

Constructed by Russell, who went above and beyond expectations, these cubbies are best described as “Russellesque” and “Beth-taking” and “Mel-luxurious”.

Summer Sport

There’s a great deal to celebrate, and achievements to acknowledge, as many students wind up summer sport and make plans preparing for winter sports. 

Last week saw a very successful Year 1 & 2 swimming carnival, complemented by a fun-filled and memorable Beach and Boardies session for our Pre K and K students. 

Congratulations to our U 11 boys cricket team who came from behind to steal victory from the last ball to win what many described as an almost unwinnable match. 

Congratulations on the sense of fair play displayed by both our boys and girls AFL teams who represented our school with pride last week. Our victorious girls AFL team were successful in making it through to the next round of competition. They are only two wins away from playing in Sydney on the famous SCG. 

With so many Radford sporting teams currently competing or preparing for upcoming competitions, there are always plenty of stories of sustained effort, resilience and perseverance against the odds to share. 

Being the best version of yourself is your best chance for success and reaching personal goals. While not everyone can come first, anyone can aim to be the best version of themselves. 

The following shout outs are examples of students displaying behaviours reflecting noteworthy qualities and values. They are not so much about winning but demonstrations of students seeking to be the best version of themselves. 

Week 5 

Shout outs 

Millicent Unwin for being a risk taker and demonstrating enthusiasm. 

Sophia Buttsworth for showing respect and kindness towards others. 

Eric Zheng for being a respectful class member who cooperates at all times. 

Yongmin Yin for being enthusiastic and always doing the right thing at the right time. 

Year 1 

Ziqiu Wang Displaying teamwork by caring for the playground equipment. 

Harry Wang for showing respect and caring for the new cubby village. 

Lexi Ritchie for displaying commitment and risk-taking in her attitude and applications to her learning. 

Peter Fu Displaying commitment to his learning by reflecting on his work. 

Year 2 

Thomas O'Leary for being a risk taker and showing a love of learning. 

Kate Loan for being a risk taker and constantly displaying a love of learning. 

William Wild for his infectious positivity and enthusiasm towards school life at Radford College. 

Georgia Brooks for being kind and considerate to her class mates.  

Year 3 

Priya Rathod for being an independent and principled learner. 

James Todd for being principled in his actions and showing care for his peers. 

Megan Espleand for being an inquirer and asking lots interesting questions on the Zoo excursion.  

Emily Bull for the kindness and caring she shows in helping others. 

Zara Hezkial for being a thinker and reflecting on her learning and the ideas of peers. 

Year 4 

Sophia Syed for her commitment to learning and making responsible choices. 

Zi You Qiu for being an inquirer and showing a love of learning. 

James King for demonstrating care and kindness to others. 

Peter Gordiev for being an inquirer with his personal research task. 

Isla Murphy for being both a creative and critical thinker during discussion time.  

Year 5 

Evie Buttsworth for displaying outstanding perseverance and commitment in the playground challenge. 

Oscar Field for displaying social intelligence and a principled attitude. 

Ned Harris for displaying honesty and integrity in his approach to his learning. 

Chloe Mailler for demonstrating commitment, enthusiasm and independence settling into Year 5 

Year 6 

Lydia Wallace-Richards for showing kindness and being caring. 

Iona Brighton for demonstrating leadership and consistently principled behaviour. 

Zara Layton for displaying Leadership and Enthusiasm. 

Sophie Freemantle for demonstrating love of learning and leadership. 



Library - Audrey Hu and Anya Malhotra for showing initiative with their author study inquiry. 


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