JS News, 14 Aug 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Dates for your diary

  • Monday 19 August -   Year PreK- 4 Author Visit – Nicole Godwin
    JS Belconnen Zone AIS
  • Friday 23 August - Book Week Parade

  • Friday 6 September - Father’s Day breakfast
    & JS Welcome to Andy Gordon

  • Friday 20 September - P&F Trivia Night

Learning Journeys

Our Learning Journeys provide an opportunity for your child to guide you through a range of educational experiences related to their classroom learning and learning from our Specialist subjects. Commencing in Week 5 (next week), each year level will begin hosting our Learning Journeys. 

The Learning Journey provides a number of benefits:

  • It helps parents to understand the breadth of learning that a student experiences at Radford.
  • It empowers students to guide their parents and carers through a selection of authentic learning experiences.
  • It provides the opportunity for each student to articulate their understanding of the learning that they are engaged in on a daily basis. 

We thank all parents and caregivers in advance for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the Learning Journeys. 

We believe ongoing communication is an essential ingredient to success in the collaboration between families and the school staff.  You are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress. 


For safety reasons, a reminder to all families that students are not permitted to be playing on playground equipment after school. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

2019 Book Week

Canberra author Nicole Godwin will be visiting Junior School students in PreK – Year 4 on 19 August, as part of Book Week celebrations. Nicole will speak with students about her picture book Billie, illustrated by Demelsa Haughton, and discuss the many conservation issues included in the book. Nicole will also provide students with a glimpse into the book production process, from the planning and drafting stage, through to the creation of a final book. 

Nicole’s aim is to help animals, one picture book at a time. She has created picture books for animals to give a voice to those who yelp, roar, swing, moo, oink, squeak and trumpet.  Visit her website. Signed copies of her books are available for Junior School families. 

Ella and Billie, by Nicole Godwin, illustrated by Demelsa Haughton

Image from "Billie" by Nicole Godwin and Demelsa Haughton

Illustrations by Demelsa Haughton, images from Nicole Godwin's website. 

Nicole’s next book, due for release early in 2020, is a picture book titled “Jelly-boy” about a jellyfish who falls in love with a plastic bag. 

Book Week Celebration

Students from PK to Year 6 will celebrate Book Week in the annual book Week Parade. 

Date: Friday 23 August
Time: 9.15 am
Location: G Wigg Sports Centre (Gymnasium) 

Pre-Kindergarten students and parents asked to go directly to the Sport Centre precinct and meet their teacher on the adjacent netball courts at 8:55am. 

Kinder – Year 6 students will meet in their classrooms before moving to the Sport Centre by 9:15 am. 

Shout Outs

The following students received a ‘Shout Out’ during the Week 3 Junior School Celebration: 

Pre K

PKBD – Archie Moss – Caring, Xiaoling Roberts - Enquirer

PKNS – Loretta Dal Bon – Caring, Jarrah Hatherly – Risk taker

PKDM – Zitong Jiang - Caring

PKMQ – Sahay Mysore – Caring, Stacey Zhu - Caring

KCH – Gayle Mendis - independence and commitment 

KSG - Liam Shao - enthusiasm and zest 

KLP - Oliver Madsen - showing commitment to his writing

KAS – Chloe Huang - demonstrating creativity and independence.  

Year 1 

1MH – Mali Jaram - displaying a love of learning and perseverance 

1RJ – Aiden Wilton - displaying perseverance with his application to our guided writing learning time.  

1AT- Aryan Gupta - displaying zest and motivation towards his learning and a strong self-regulation. 

1AJ- Serena Trinh - demonstrating perseverance towards her learning. 

Year 2 

2KH – Angelina Wang - demonstrating perseverance in all tasks. 

2SD - Ethan Yuen - being knowledgeable and listening to feedback to further improve his writing skills. 

2DG – Sasha Cartwright - demonstrating perseverance toward her learning especially our unit on time. 

2LM – Molly Akhurst - demonstrating perseverance and positivity towards her learning 

Year 3 

3MK – Neha Manne - being a principled learner always showing kindness and respect. 

3JC - Liam Hall - showing commitment, creativity and independence in his learning and actions.  

3RS – Jacob Hately - always showing curiosity and wanting to deepen his knowledge across all areas.  

3HO – Hugo Uren - persevering to overcome personal challenges. 

3RB – Lucy Sincock - proactively seeking how to be a helpful classroom citizen and persevering to improve skills. 

Year 4 

4NK - Georgie Barry - demonstrating curiosity and commitment to her learning.  

4JC – Samai Arravelly - being an open minded learner with a willingness to assist others. 

4KP - Ruben Seow - demonstrating positivity and perseverance towards his learning  

4BF – Claire Mazanov - being a motivated and enthusiastic learner 

4TM – Isla Murphy - her curiosity and love of learning. 

Year 5 

5TM - Emma Brooks - perseverance with creating a digitally savvy Choose Your Own Adventure Story for her buddy. 

5RR - Lucas Allen - demonstrating perseverance and being reflective. 

5BL – Xavier Adams - demonstrating perseverance and curiosity. 

5SW - Alex Wheeldon - demonstrating perseverance and resilience. 

Year 6 

6TW - Priyanka Ramkumar - being a thinker and demonstrating commitment and perseverance with Summative Task work. 

6DM – Luke Davis - striving to be a communicator in class and for always being a principled and caring classmate. 

6HB – James Skinner - demonstrating commitment and perseverance in his learning. 

6TF - Lily Hines - being knowledgeable and showing commitment to always doing her best. 



Mrs Hind - Library – Anya Malhotra (4BF) - consistently demonstrating self-regulation in Library lessons

Mrs PW - Library – Julia Lee (2DG) - showing bravery as she shares and recommends different books to the class

Miss Crocker - Art- Luka Martinovic ( 1RJ) - demonstrating perseverance and working with motivation in Art.

Mrs Koenen - Wellbeing – Ivy Pascoe-Simpson (2LM) - being a motivated and enthusiastic learner in Wellbeing sessions

Mrs Willett – Asha Hewitson for tremendous commitment to her learning. 


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