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Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember 

Thurs 15 October

JS Cross Country

Year 5/6 Readers Cup (selected students)

Fri 16 October

Book Character Parade

Tues 20 October

Year 5 Camp

Wed 21 October

Year 5 Camp

Thurs 22 October

Year 3 Camp

Fri 23 October

Year 3 Camp
Year 1 Excursion to National Zoo and Aquarium


Wonderfly - Year 5/6 Drama
Congratulations to our Year 5/6 Drama Cocurricular students on their production of Wonderfly. It was beautiful to see our learners grow in confidence and skills. There are times when art imitates life and life imitates art. The production had students, using age-appropriate language and skills to deliver a powerful performance exploring themes of belonging, bullying, acceptance, growing in courage, understanding difference and being part of a team. 

Thank you to Nick Akhurst, Helen Blanch, Tegan Masters and our producers, Ali and Chelsea.

Wonderfly - Y5/6 Drama

Y5/6 Drama - Wonderfly Wonderfly


Holiday Program
We are thankful for our adventure filled Holiday Program. Our students enjoyed two weeks of activities designed to provide fun and a sense of belonging. Thank you to the team of staff for their care and love for the program.

Holiday Program Oct 2020

I recently read a poem, statement or quote, not sure how to categorise it, that hinted a sense of purpose, resonating with me, as a parent, an educator and human. 

The hope and the hurt has lived inside of me
But there’s gold in the dirt, I never took the time to see
But I knew of its worth when you walked beside of me
And my hand fit in yours like a bird would find the breeze
-Dermot Kennedy, Giants 


These words are beautiful: hand in hand, like a bird finding the breeze. What might be possible for us, in our families, our workplaces, our friendships? As our hands link with each other, in our Radford community, we find our breeze, that lifts us. As we lift, we lift each other. 

We are planning some changes to our end of year Celebration. We want to acknowledge and celebrate each of our young learners with their growth into adults. In order to achieve this, we feel the class PYP Learner Profile awards seemed to be praising a small number of students, and not necessarily providing an opportunity for each of us to reflect, acknowledge and celebrate our growth. We want to support each of our students to feel a sense of accomplishment for how their character and learning behaviours have been enriched. 

We will let you know details shortly regarding the last day Celebration, and other events that would normally involve parents and students. 

Cross-Country Carnival
Good luck to all the students and their House group for the Cross Country tomorrow. 

Andy Gordon
Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School



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