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The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

The Mulford Junior School at Radford College


Thurs 19 Nov

Year 2 Incursion - Poet

Mon 23 Nov

Year 2 Swim Program

Tues 24 Nov

Year 1 Swim Program

Wed 25 Nov

PK, K and Year 1 Athletics Carnival


Dear Families


Celebration moves online
Our Celebration events will be pre-recorded and available for viewing online this year.

These events are the culmination of the school year and both the Junior School and Secondary School programs will showcase our students’ growth.  Students will watch Celebration on the last day of school, Tuesday 8 December 2020, and the link will be available for parents to view that evening. Any parents who do not wish their child to be filmed as part of these events should email Junior School Reception - jsreception@radford.act.edu.au as soon as possible.

As the end of semester nears, we wish to provide an update about our end of semester reports and how our reporting cycle is linked to classroom learning and teaching.

The Junior School has a combination of assessment and reporting processes in place throughout the year to support making our learning as ‘visible’ as possible. We continue to move towards an increased emphasis on formative (ongoing) assessment practices, in order to provide more regular and meaningful feedback on student learning throughout the year.

Our reporting processes include:

Parent Teacher Conversations 
These are held just prior to the commencement of the school year and form the beginning of our home-school partnership for the year. 

Parent Teacher Interviews 
These occur at the start of Term 2 and provide an opportunity for teachers to discuss student growth and areas for further development. This year Parent Teacher Interviews took the form of phone conversations.

End of Unit Feedback 
Our End of Unit Feedback forms provide us with an opportunity to show how our day-to-day learning, assessment and feedback are intertwined, as it demonstrates how our students are progressing in their Australian Curriculum content within our Units of Inquiry. This feedback links directly to our day-to-day teaching, and is included in student Learning Journals at the conclusion of each Unit of Inquiry.

Learning Journeys
Learning Journeys traditionally occur in Term 3, and provide an opportunity for students to share their learning directly with parents and caregivers in the school context. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year we were unable to proceed with our Learning Journeys. We look forward to their return next year.

Semester Reports 
Semester Reports are provided twice a year and provide our formal reporting of all Australian Curriculum subject areas, including English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technologies.  Some points to note:

  • As per Commonwealth Government regulations, this report uses a five point scale for the ‘Overall Grade’ for each subject (Years 1-6).
  • Within each subject area, specific elements are graded on a three point scale:  Working Towards, Working At and Working Beyond. This grading system provides a clear indication to parents with regard to a student’s achievement. 
  • A student’s attitude and application are also included on the Semester Report and indicated on a five point scale (from Rarely to Consistently). This grade reflects the student’s work habits in class and their attitude to learning.

Parents may request that semester grades be removed from their child's report or have them supplied separately. Please email Ms Tracey Markovic tracey.markovic@radford.act.edu.au by Monday 23 November if you would like to take either of these options.

Families will be notified by email once Semester Reports are available to them on Radford Online at the end of the year. 

All staff are encouraged to ‘Shout Out’ to a student who has demonstrated a Learner Profile Attribute, PYP Attitude or Character Strength throughout each fortnight.  




PKDM – Daniel Holliday for showing an enthusiastic love of learning and making lots of connections with other people's ideas. 

PKNS – Kieran Xia for demonstrating a love of learning and curiosity when looking at the tadpoles at doing his observational drawings.  

PKBD – Bo Zigon for being reflective as he works hard to practice the form of his Casey shapes, even when they are hard! 

PKMQ – Flynn Gordon for demonstrating perseverance through his improved locomotor skills.    


KKS - Ekas Singh for demonstrating a love of learning and enthusiasm during Writer's Workshop.  

KSG – Lachlan Moloney - for his principled approach towards learning and showing empathy toward his peers 

KLP – Daniella McIntyre for showing good focus and commitment during our Writer's Workshop. 

KAS – Ryan Cherukupally for displaying commitment to his learning and always showing kindness and empathy towards all. 

Year 1 

1MH – Livvy Losanno for always showing love, care and kindness towards others. 

1RJ – Eric Zheng for demonstrating a love for life and learning. Eric shows an abundance of love through his interactions with peers and teachers. 

1HT – Shivin Gujjeti for demonstrating the character strength of love through his constant care towards his classmates and classroom environment 

1AJ – Adelaide McPherson for demonstrating the character strength of love through the kindness and thoughtfulness she shows others. 

Year 2 

2KH – Benjamin Jackson for showing love of learning and creating imaginative poems in class. 

2SD – Harry Wang for displaying a love of learning in all subject areas. 

2GS – Jocelyn Feng for approaching everyday with zest and treating her classmates and teachers with kindness and respect. 

2LM – Karen Xie for showing a love of learning and persistence in working hard to progress your reading skills 

Year 3 

3AT – Tejas Yellu for displaying self-regulatory behaviours and displaying his creative skills with the use of ICT. 

3JC – Austin Saunderson for his constant enthusiasm and willingness to take risks in order to develop his own abilities, and Julia Lee for her continued dedication and focus in her work, as well as her positive attitude towards all she attempts.  

3RS – Zara Jansen for her love and enthusiasm for reading and Ari Buchanan for her increased confidence and volunteering to read aloud during Chapel.  

3HO – Aditya Maholtra, William Holliday and Ananya Balivada for demonstrating a love of learning and enthusiasm whilst completing their summative task canvas painting.  

3RB – Maddie Reichardt for her exemplary behaviour, commitment to Team and dedication to learning.  

Year 4 

4TM – Hayley Skinner for always trying her best and her fantastic efforts with persuasive writing. 

4JC – Zara Hezkial for insightful ideas and input to class inquiries.

4KP - Ava Muscat for her dedication to her learning and treating her peers with kindness. 

4BF – Neha Manne for her great approach to learning and thinking. 

4DO – Ayana Khan for taking action when writing a powerful persuasive text about sustainability which demonstrated her love of learning. 

Year 5 

5TM – Thomas Rogers for always being curious and demonstrating a love of learning.  

5DG – Qihui Chen for consistently applying effort and interest to all subject areas and activities in the school day. 

5RK – Stella Layton and Phoebe Fox – for bringing positive energy into the 5RK classroom each and every single day! Thanks for all that you do. 

5BL – Sofia Dal Bon for demonstrating a consistent love of learning and independent inquiry. 

5SW – Sam McKean for demonstrating curiosity and creativity; being fearless and experimenting with different approaches to being successful in his learning. 

Year 6 

6TW – Zach Slattery for being committed to his schoolwork and constantly demonstrating a love of learning. 

6JO – Louis Thai for his appreciation of beauty and excellence. Thanks for always helping around the classroom. 

6HB – Willsy Tierney for demonstrating remarkable curiosity about the world and beyond and showing respect to others through his beautiful manners. 

6TF – Isobel Erikson, for her emotive language in persuasive writing.



4KP – Hamilton Ryan – Has demonstrated great love and compassion in PE by always being a fantastic team player, leader and always giving maximum effort (Mrs Faye Robertson).

4JC – Junyou Wang, for demonstrating care and kindness towards others consistently in Library (Mrs Hind). 

4JC – Justin Zhang, for demonstrating a consistent attitude in PE, always being a team player and giving his best (Mrs Phelps). 

KAS – Ava Craddock – for always giving her best in PE and demonstrating leadership in team games (Mrs Phelps). 

1HT – Bella Voortman – demonstrates excellent character strengths such as dedication and determination.  





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