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The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

Dates for your diary

Thurs 22 Oct

Year 3 Camp

Fri 22 Oct

Year 3 Camp
Year 1 Visiting National Zoo and Aquarium
PreK Excursion to UC

Tues 27 Oct

RTC Trip to K-Mart

Wed 28 Oct

Kindergarten Incursion – Indigenous Storyteller

Karen Mahar, Deputy Head of Junior SchoolFrom Karen Mahar - Assistant Principal, Deputy Head of Junior School

Dear Families

Our learning environment came to life in many ways last week. This continues with our Year 3 and Year 5 learners embarking on their modified camps. We are looking forward to hearing stories of the challenges and successes as our students develop during these experiences.

Character Strength Spotlight

As many of you may be aware, Junior School students have a fortnightly focus on one of the 24 Character Strengths (VIA character Strengths). The character strength we recently acknowledged was teamwork. This attribute was particularly evident during the Cross Country event, conducted last Thursday.

Cross Country 

At a time when, many events have been postponed, cancelled, or modified, our staff and students relished the opportunity to gather for our annual Cross Country. A gorgeous Spring morning set the scene for much light-hearted and spirited competition. Oodles of physical and positive energy, displays of sustained teamwork and widespread camaraderie, proved ideal ingredients for this year’s event.

JS Cross Country 2020 JS Cross Country 2020

Watching our youngest students running down the straight towards the finish line, being cheered on by their Year 5 buddies, brought a wide smile to my face. 

Those little legs and fast arms all moving rapidly, each illustrating an eagerness for being involved in the “big race”.  After finishing, several Pre K students requested “Can we do it again?” 

Success in cross country, at Junior School level, is predominantly about participating with zest and enthusiasm. Our students do this magnificently and they do themselves proud.

The House Spirit chants were a definite highlight. Students joining together, engaging in synchronised foot stomping, heartfelt cheering and an emphatic performance of rhythmic songs for their team. It was, indeed, memorable fun!

Thank you to the PE Staff for their planning and preparation. We are grateful to everyone for their boundless energy and continued efforts throughout the day.

House chants - JS Cross Country 2020

Book Character Parade

What a fabulous Book Character Parade we enjoyed last Friday! We did miss parents being physically present, but we were appreciative for the live stream organised by our IT Team. 

The 2020 Book Character Parade will likely hold many happy and lasting memories for our students in the years to come. The creativity involved, coupled with the good humour shared and enjoyed, was a credit to our students and their families, and to our staff, as they embraced the Book Week goals, to celebrate books and reading.

We have a renewed sense of how important to us all gathering as a community and memorable events and milestones are.

Staff costumes - Book Week 2020 Cake - Where the Wild Things Are



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