JS News, 24 July 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

By Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Dates for your diary

Friday 26 July

Year 3 Science Incursion

Year 4 Excursion to Geoscience

Tuesday 13 August

Year 6 Exhibition Parent Evening

Welcome to Term 3

After three weeks of typically glorious Canberra Winter sunshine, we are excited to welcome everyone back to collaborate in our pursuit of both individual and common goals for Term 3. 

I wonder how many of us there are that often don’t appreciate how important it is to enjoy a break until we have one?! Whether it be travelling locally or internationally, sleeping in, snuggling up with Andy Griffith’s latest Treehouse book, or simply walking in sunshine or out of shoes, such activities can each serve to soothe your soul and revitalise your spirit. 

Embracing the character strength, “Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence”, I couldn’t help being impressed by a latest instalment of Disney’s family classic, The Lion King. Offering “lifelike” CGI imagery, you could be forgiven for believing that animals CAN talk and DO express emotions.

Relocation of Y5/Y6 Reception

Y5 Y6 reception relocation

Please note that Y5/Y6 Reception has now relocated to the area marked on the map above, between the Library and the Years 5-6 precinct.  Please note that:

1)      Students must be signed in and out of Year 5/6 Reception if they arrive late or depart during the day.
2)      Parents must report to Year 5/6 Reception to collect students, they should not go directly to classrooms.
3)      Year 5/6 students needing First Aid should go to Year 5/6 Reception.

There is now NO Reception area in the Principal’s building, as Main Reception is in the Morison Centre.

Arrival at school K-6

Respectfully, after continually high numbers of students signing in late for school towards the end of last term, this is a “not so gentle” reminder of the expectation that all students are to be at school on time.

  • Please note the first bell for K-6 students goes at 8.35am.
  • Please ensure all students are at their lines ready to begin the day by this time.

Winter Uniform

Winter overcoat

With Winter conditions now well and truly established, it is important to advise that we have noticed a number of students wearing visible undergarments and skivvies beneath their Winter uniform. Students are only permitted to wear singlets or thermal wear under their uniforms when they are not visible. 

Our buildings and classrooms are well heated. There is limited need to wear multiple layers in learning spaces. Students are encouraged to layer up when moving outside by wearing the Radford overcoat.

Running shoes

Families are reminded that students in Years 1-4 are expected to wear black sport style shoes, without logos or white soles.

Incorrect footwearCorrect footwear

Students in Year 5 and 6 are permitted to wear regular coloured runners on Sport days. Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is adhering to the uniform policy. 

Compulsory activities and sport

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion in the community regarding the proposal for compulsory sport at Radford.  

To clarify, from 2020 it will be an expectation for every Radford student from Year 2 and above, to be involved in a physical activity or sport.  

The aim is for every student to be involved in a physical activity that contributes to their wellbeing. The College recognises the significant pastoral care benefits and positive influences on student wellbeing that stem from a commitment to sport and playing with peers, both for the individual student and for all who are involved in sport.   

This may include involvement in the numerous sports offered in our sport programs and cocurricular programs, as well as participation with outside clubs and organisations. If a student is involved in hockey or AFL, for example, which are not offered at Radford, families simply need to notify the school of this. Exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.  

Cocurricular options, including dance, swim club, bushwalking, and martial arts, and other non competitive options will all be acceptable.  

Students who have a medical condition which prevents them from being involved, will also be exempt.  

Click here to access the College Sport Policy.



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