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Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Fri 28 Aug

Prekindergarten Incursion - Footsteps Dance

Kindergarten Incursion - Footsteps Dance

Sun 30 Aug

Final Scholastic Book Club Orders due

Tues 1 Sept

ICAS Mathematics

Wed 2 Sept

1AJ and 1HT Excursion to Tatum Farm

Dear Families 

We have had an amazing week, acknowledging and celebrating the skills that scientists use. A big “thank you” to each member of our community who helped with Science Week. Our intention is for our learners to find enjoyment and wonder in inquiring into how our world works. For a moment, indulge me, as we explore the science of coming to attention, of noticing. 

I have always been enamoured with how vinyl records work. I am sure we have noticed the resurgence of vinyl sales in our favourite music or media shops. 2019 was the first year, since 1990, that vinyl out-sold compact discs in whole album music sales.  

There are many reasons to love listening to vinyl records. It could be for its richness or warmth, or that it is far higher quality, because no audio data is lost when pressing a record. It sounds just like the producer or band intended. On digital music (including CDs), it’s possible to make a track sound louder than it naturally should, and that distorts the depth and texture of the song. 

Having said all that, when I’m spinning my father’s 1962 beat up pressing of Burl Ives, It’s Just My Funny Way of Laughin’ I can assure you it’s not for the sound quality that I love the moments of, ‘Call me Mr In-Between’

I listen to vinyl because it’s a possessive, jealous medium. Vinyl demands your full attention. 

You can turn on a streaming service and play a million songs from scores of genres, filling your room or your house with sound for hours, days, weeks. But vinyl insists that you pay attention. 

Vinyl is a tactile medium. It insists you thumb through your collection, remove your selection, unwrap it from its cover, free it from its poly or paper inner sleeve, place it on the turntable, and gingerly put the tone arm and stylus in position. And then it requires you to reverse that process and repeat it every time you change the record. 

Record player and record collection

Record playing is a slow, intentional, deliberate pastime. It’s a pleasant idleness. The Italians call this dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing. 

The problem for many of us non-Italians is that we think the opposite of “busy” is “lazy”. But, actually, the opposite of busy is solitude. The opposite of being busy is stillness. And in solitude and stillness we can be free to be curious and creative. 

Eckhart Tolle once wrote, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.” 

We binge television series, we play podcasts in our cars and Spotify in our offices. We’re on ZOOM and Team calls, and doing webinars, and being busy, always busy. 

I’m not claiming that science or psychology claim that playing vinyl records is the solution. All I know is that when I slide an album out of its cover, handling only the edges, angling it into the light so I can see if it needs cleaning, anticipating the music that is to follow, the Now is the primary focus, even if just for a couple of hours. 

This may be the best life science I get to do from time to time. 

May we live, model and inspire our learners to pay attention, to notice and to make ‘NOW’ the focus of who we are and what we are doing. 

Andy Gordon
Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School


From the JS Library

Greetings from the library. The Scholastic Book Club catalogue has been given to all students. We ask that all orders be placed online via the parent loop by Sunday 30 August, please. Orders will be delivered to the class teacher and distributed to the students.  

Thank you for your patronage as the Junior School Library receives a small commission from all orders.  This is used to purchase more resources for the Library. 


Shout Outs


PKDM – Diyan Kazi – for being a thinker during all of our discussions about 'paper'. 

PKNS – Lindy Cheng – for being a communicator and demonstrating she is a risk taker when speaking to the whole class. 

PKBD – Daniel Zhang- for being reflective on his favourite dance style, thinking hard about why he enjoyed it! 

PKMQ – Arya Seevaratnam – for sharing her knowledge and demonstrating bravery. 

KKS - Flynn Osborne for being a thinker when making detailed observations of our seed growing. 

KSG – Zachary Godwin for being principled and showing kindness to others. 

KLP – Harlow Stevens for displaying perseverance and commitment to all areas of her learning.  

KAS – Zoey Valecha for demonstrating perseverance and a love of learning in all areas. 

Year 1 

1MH – Annabelle Yin for displaying perseverance and commitment to her learning when writing a procedure on how to make fruit salad.  

1RJ – Oliver Nicol-Drummond for showing perseverance when completing a very detailed picture of a barn for our farm mural. 

1HT – Chloe Black for displaying perseverance when developing her skip counting skills in Mathematics 

1AJ – George Dankiw for displaying leadership skills and offering assistance to his teachers and peers.  

Year 2 

2KH – Oliver Tan for displaying courage and perseverance with reading and writing tasks. 

2SD – Hannah MacCallum for being a thinker and using her self-management skills at all times when at school. 

2GS – Eva Guo for showing being a thinker and persevering with difficult tasks.  

2LM – Micah Constable for showing perseverance and reflecting on his learning tasks.  

Year 3 

3AT –  William Wild for displaying self regulation towards his learning; demonstrating high levels of focus and concentration.  

3JC – Ethan McIntyre for demonstrating his love of learning, dedication and commitment to his work, ensuring all tasks are completed to his full potential. 

3RS – Ryan Khanna for developing a growth mindset, positive outlook and enthusiasm towards learning!  

3HO – Joshua Brogan and Lachlan Weenink for working together and displaying perseverance and commitment to researching difficult understandings in our Unit of Inquiry. 

3RB – Dora Zhao – for persevering to complete her tasks using effective time management skills and consistently presenting her thinking in detail and with care. 

Connor Lunsford- for showing respect and transistioning quietly and quickly between learning experiences and demonstrating greater enthusiasm and energy in the classroom. 

Year 4 

4TM – Asha Hewitson for her 'extra' inquiry into the weather, improved communication skills and always displaying a love of learning. 

4JC –  Jacob Hately -  his independence and showing commitment to his learning 

4KP - Connor Duggard for his enthusiasm and perseverance with unfamiliar tasks. 

4BF –  Oliver Flanagan for commitment and enthusiasm with using technology to support his learning. 

4DO – Rohan Steven for displaying leadership using his IT skills supporting his peers. 

Year 5 

5TM – Eli Hezkial for consistently being a curious learner and demonstrating excellent leadership skills.  

5DG – Yash Thrishul for showing great perseverance and commitment to his learning, especially during maths. 

5RK – Josiah Zhang for an impressive information report on how Australia's democracy works! Keep up the good work Josiah.  

5BL – Ava O'Shea for the consistent commitment and perseverance she demonstrates within all learning tasks. 

5SW – Lexi Stellios for her impressive creativity in writing, and displaying confidence to share her work. 

Year 6 

6TW – Manoj Gutta for demonstrating international mindedness by sharing his deep understanding of Indian culture, to help enhance the learning of his peers during class novel studies. 

6JO – Natalie Tam for always demonstrating a committed and dedicated approach to her learning. 

6HB – April Wickham for demonstrating a deep love of learning and working with outstanding commitment. 

6TF – Aminda Weerasooriya: For his continual support towards all students in class and while playing sport 



Georgia Brooks (3RB) for showing perseverance in learning a new skill.  Ms Fritsch (PE) 

Eva Tsiros – (6JO) for being a supportive and caring students towards her peers. (PE) Mrs Phelps 

Oliver Tan (2KH) for great effort when practicing the skill of skimming and scanning for information (Mrs Wilson, Library) 

Ben Scowcroft (3RS) for communicating his connections with our moon animation project and supporting peers with the technology process (Ms Dunne Yr 3 Art) 

Joanna Yu (4BF) for her principled approach to her Rock Art project. (MS Dunne Year 4 Art) 

Venya Vikramadithyan (3RS) for the care and commitment she displays when responding to texts. (Mrs Hind, Library) 



Mrs Willett – Alice Adams (4JC) for commitment to improving her reading skills 


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