JS News, 26 June 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Dates for your diary

Thursday 27 June        Last Day of Term 2, Year 5/6 Visiting Author, Year 1 Footsteps Dance Lessons, Year 3 Strings Concert

Monday 22 July           First Day of Term 3

Year 5 and 6 Production

Year 5/6 Production

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Luke Lloyd: Alienoid show.

It was highly entertaining and most enjoyable. Bringing together any performance of this standard and quality is never easy and not to be taken for granted.

The many hours of hard work were apparent in both the quality of the production and the level of enjoyment and success experienced by the students involved. 


Luke Lloyd production


Term 3 Staffing

We wish to advise that Andrew Sullivan (PE) and Sandra Kalogeropoulos (Year 5/6 Student Support) will each be taking long service leave in Term 3.

We welcome Jared Cox and Lisa Sintonen to cover Andrew’s PE classes. Bruce Willett will work in Student Support. 

Julie Smith, one of our Junior School counsellors, will be on leave for the remainder of 2019. Emily McIntyre will be increasing her time in the Junior School, supporting students and families.   

On the first day of student holidays, the Junior School teachers will be participating in Professional Learning. This will involve:   

  • Teachers exploring understandings around spelling
  • Specialist staff undertaking transdisciplinary planning with a PYP workshop leader.

Holiday programs

The OSHC and Sports holiday programs offer many opportunities for our students to stay active and connected during the school break.

Semester 1 Reports

Junior School staff have worked consistently to monitor student progress, conducting assessments and identifying next steps for learning. Junior School Semester I reports will be available online next week.

We value strong partnerships between home and school. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher or me, karen.mahar@radford.act.edu.au 

End of Term 2

It seems there’s much to celebrate this term. Effective teaching practices, meaningful learning, opportunities for sport, performances in drama and music, and a wide range of co-curricular activities. 

Radford aims to be more than a learning institution. We seek to provide an environment where staff work hard, students feel valued and all of us have a sense of belonging and feel connected. Friendships and lessons in life are available for all to experience. We encourage people to feel proud of their efforts. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone after the break, refreshed and ready for all that Term 3 has to offer. 

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