JS News: 27 June 2018

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, 28 June – Year 1 and 2 World of Maths
  • Thursday, 28 June – Year 3 Strings Concert
  • Thursday, 28 June – Last Day of Term 2
  • Monday, 23 July – First Day of Term 3

Here we are once again, and I just cannot believe we are midway through our school year already!

We talk and talk here about wellbeing and growth mindsets, and you know I also often say ‘live it, don’t laminate it’. Last week’s Years 5/6 Drama Production The Twits truly lived all these things beyond expectation. 

As a school leader I am particularly thrilled about the growth of our productions over the past two years – last year under Craig Donaldson, and this year led by a contracted Drama Teacher/Director, Kate Bettison.

It has been wonderful to see our students’ capacities grow within a drama production. Beyond the wonderful acting, our Junior and Secondary students provided most of the background production crew, our tech and lighting crew was made up of two collegians who came back to support us, as well as a Year 6 student, and our staff joined Kate’s team in supporting and developing our Years 5/6 girls and boys into becoming true and brilliant Twits!

I spent last weekend and much of this week being the final proofreader of Semester Reports, which are due to be online for parents this Friday. While it sounds so ‘hard-workingly’ good that I’ve done this, I'm simply backing up the Junior School Leadership Team who have proofed reports and, most importantly, the class and specialist teachers who’ve done the real work in writing them. This outcome forms part of our reporting cycle, combined with end of unit feedback, parent interviews, Exhibition and Learning Journeys, to name but a few of our reporting formats. 

The thing I have taken away from these reports is that our staff know our students really well, and that they seek to walk with and support each and every student in our school. I thank them for the time taken to produce these reports, as we set our sights on Semester 2.

Our K–4 playground site is beginning to take shape as shade sails are placed this week and preparation commences for some of our spaces. In usual fashion, look out for some different approaches to playgrounds and a strong student voice.

Finally, I wish to share some staffing news. This week we will be farewelling Ellie Ellis (for a short time) as she and her husband prepare to welcome their second child. Ellie will be replaced by Marg Koenen, a recently retired principal who will continue to develop our Wellbeing Program. Dean O’Brien will be on long service leave next term and we are fortunate to have Shelly Selzke to cover him. Dean will no doubt have some long stories to share on his return!

I would like to complete our semester with a warm thank you to all our families for your support to date. We talk about community, about belonging, about the whole child. You walk with us in making this a reality.

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