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Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School


Wed 29 July

Year 5 Excursion to Aust Electoral Commission

Parent Exhibition Meeting

Thurs 30 July

Year 1 Foootsteps Dance Lesson

Australian Maths Competition

Fri 31 July

Prek Footsteps Dance Lesson

Year 5 Excursion to Aust Electoral Commission

Instilling a sense of belonging, and an ongoing feeling of hope within everyone, is a continuing focus at Radford College. 

One part of our Junior School Wellbeing program is inquiring into Character Strengths. Character strengths are described as being the capacities all humans have for thinking, feeling and behaving.

As many of you may be aware, Junior School students have a fortnightly focus on the 24 Character Strengths (VIA Character Strengths). 

Junior School Celebrations are currently meeting in four smaller groups, adhering to physical distancing protocols. At our most recent Celebration, the character strength we acknowledged was Hope. A hopeful person expects the best for the future and works to achieve this. 

Reflecting on the character strength of hope

You might remember earlier this year we changed our regular plans for Radford Foundation Day due to the COVID-19 lockdown. To help sprinkle a healthy dose of hope and optimism within the school community, this week we revisited the events of Foundation Day 2020. 

View our ‘Expressions of Hope’ video.

Balloon rainbow at RadfordBulbs at the Junior School

Each year, on Foundation Day, our Junior School students plant bulbs. This year, together with the promise of a bulb offering a flower, we incorporated another sign of HOPE - the rainbow. 

Since this time, rainbows have popped up all over the world, spreading hope and positivity throughout communities. The vibrant and beautiful colours of a rainbow symbolising sunshine after rain.  

During the remote learning period, school-based students also undertook planting on behalf of those who were learning from home.  

Everyone in the Junior School also received a bulb to plant at home. We were hopeful, at the time, that we would all be back at school together and COVID-19 would be over, by the time the bulbs started to bloom.

Well, COVID-19 isn’t over, and it isn’t going away, but we are at school and the bulbs in our Junior School have started to bloom! And the gentle rain over the weekend is an added blessing. 

Many of our staff and students have commented about experiencing a sense of delight each time they walk past the bulbs on display at the heart of our Junior School.

The Character Strength spotlight for the next two weeks is Love of Learning.


Better together

Shout Outs – Term 3, Week 1 

All staff are encouraged to ‘Shout Out’ to a student who has demonstrated a Learner Profile Attribute, PYP Attitude or Character Strength throughout each fortnight.   


PKDM – Sai Sivabalan for being such a brilliant thinker, who came up with so many words that begin with the /s/ sound. 

PKNS – Meiha Elango – Being an inquirer who loves to share her curiosity and questions with the class. 

PKBD – Arabella Sheeran – Being a creative thinker, discovering so many words that start with the same sounds! 

PKMQ – Jayden Zhang – Sharing his thinking during whole class discussions. 

KKS - Millie for being knowledgeable by independently writing a detailed recount of her holiday at the coast. 

KSG – Toby Haig for being principled and showing kindness to others 

KLP – Michael Fu for displaying a commitment to all areas of his learning and doing so with a positive attitude. 

KAS –  Charlie Collingwood for being a risk taker and showing independence when writing a recount about her holiday experience. 

Year 1 

1MH – Emma Treloar for being open minded and curious when writing procedures.  

1RJ – Zara Davison for showing enthusiasm and creativity when creating a repeating pattern. 

1HT – Lucia Hiew for demonstrating her thinking skills by making connections with new learning 

1AJ – Lorenzo Troni for his principled approach towards learning and good judgment when making choices. 

Year 2 

2KH – Oscar Eyers for being a principled and reflective team member when completing a series of challenges this week. 

2SD – Amelie Black for being a thinker by choosing to use the split strategy to help her solve a word problem. 

2GS – Adoni Stellios for beging principled and showing creativity throughout our design provocation day. 

2LM – Luka Martinovic for demonstrating curiosity and a love of learning. 

Year 3 

3AT – Zoe O'Rourke for sharing her thinking in class discussions and displaying a fun sense of humour in her approach to learning.   

3JC – Josh Twigg for his deep thinking and thoughtful contributions, adding depth to our class discussions and  Poppy Breingan for her perseverance and commitment to her work, showing an open mind in our unit of inquiry. 

3RS – Samantha Niravong for always presenting her work exceptionally, with a high level of care and detail.  

3HO – Claire Chen for reflecting deeply when creating her hopes and dreams for Term 3.  

3RB – Georgia Brooks – for her positive involvement and demonstration of fairness and teamwork during this first week of Term 3. 

Year 4 

4TM – Aarush Swarup for sharing his incredible thinking, positive perspective and showing gratitude. 

4JC –  Abhiram Kaza for his insightful ideas and input to class inquiries. 

4KP - Xavier Baldwin for his intuitive thinking and contributions during whole group discussions. 

4BF – Joanna Yu for being a dedicated and hard working student who is committed to doing her best at all times. 

4DO – Victor Mazur Masters for being a risk taker in class in the first week back. Congratulations on your effort Victor! 

Year 5 

5TM – Sarah Alex for her complete engagement in every learning opportunity, demonstrating excellent growth. 

5DG – Estelle Livas – for her valuable and confident contributions to class discussions and commitment to completing all tasks with care and precision. 

5RK – Theodore Leigh – for outstanding engagement during our Year 5 excursion to the Museum of Australian Democracy. 

5BL – Thenuki Weerabaddana Dissanayake – for her continued dedication and commitment to service in her role as our RTC rep, particularly in organising our class for Waste Free Wednesdays. 

5SW –  Rupert Keeling for responding positively to feedback and pushing himself to extend his connections and deepen understandings, and Henry Hirst for outstanding contributions to class discussions, demonstrating he is a thoughtful and knowledgeable student, and a valuable new addition to 5SW. Welcome (back) to Radford! 

Year 6 

6TW – Chelsea Hately for demonstrating critical thinking skills and actively enriching class inquiry discussions. 

6JO –  Ned Harris for consistently showing a collaborative and cooperative attitude.

6HB – Alice Berger – for demonstrating deep thinking and considering diverse perspectives when engaging with literature. 

6TF – Ambrose Musgrove – for his critical view on how we use primary and secondary sources 



Library – Emily Fan (4KP) – for the enthusiasm and commitment to learning she displays every week during library lessons. (Mrs Hind) 

Library – Sean Gibbons (2LM) for making such a knowledgeable scientific connection with our library book. (Mrs Wilson) 

PE – 3AT – Ari Livas for his enthusiasm and positive involvement in PE this week. 

Wellbeing – 2KH Benjamin Jackson for his interest and involvement in all Wellbeing lessons. 



Alex Lu in 3AT – for his incredible thinking during maths and for being able to share this with others (Ms Markovic) 

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