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Radford College

Radford College


Thurs 5 Nov

Year 4 Excursion to Mugga Resource Management Centre

Fri 6 Nov

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Thurs 12 Nov

Year 4 - Selected students - Todd Woodbridge Tennis Cup






PKDM – Riley Cai for being principled and making good choices to support his learning. 

PKNS – Stephanie Wang – for demonstrating curiosity and a love of learning during our change investigations 

PKBD – Grace Adzic- for being a communicator and sharing her ideas and learning connections with the class 

PKMQ – Pranavi Kondapally- for being a risk taker and communicator when sharing words in Telugu with her classmates. 


KKS - Leisha Kelkar for demonstrating creativity and commitment when writing a descriptive poem about Summer using her five senses. 

KSG – Aadi Collet - for being principled and his love of learning  

KLP – Luke Brinkley for being a risk taker during our Readers' Workshop. 

KAS – Izabel Xie for displaying perseverance in all areas of the curriculum, particularly with communicating her ideas to others. 

Year 1

1MH – Hamish Growder for being a loyal well respected friend who shows high social intelligence and respect for others.  

1RJ – Daniel Zhang for or displaying commitment to his learning and always showing kindness and empathy towards all. 

1HT – Sloane Milner for showing social intelligence through her empathy and kindness towards her classmates 

1AJ – Daksh Sharma for displaying social intelligence when interacting with his peers and teachers, and considering ways to be an effective classmate. 

Year 2

2KH – Samantha Cartwright for being a risk-taker and continually striving to do her best work when writing. 

2SD – Benjamin McIntyre for taking action by interviewing his great-grandmother about her life in the past and for his commitment to improving the quality of his written texts. 

Maya Travers – for being brave and responsible when responding to an emergency in the playground before school. 

2GS – Zachary Leigh for being an open-minded learner who uses his social intelligence when interacting with his classmates. 

2LM – Jacob Calear for demonstrating social intelligence by being insightful to your peers and always acting with integrity 

Year 3

3AT – Joshua Brinkley for displaying a high level of commitment to his learning and good focus when working independently 

Kate Loan for constantly completing work to a high quality standard and helping her peers in group learning times 

Olivia Xu for displaying risk taking attitudes towards new experiences and just giving everything a go! 

3JC – Harry Zhao for taking greater responsibility in his work and adding deep and thoughtful contributions to class discussions during inquiry into Maths. 

3RS – Isaac O'Brien & Brian Chen for bringing positivity, humour and enthusiasm for learning to 3RS classroom every day!  

3HO – Binu De Silva and Brooke Sutherland for consistently demonstrating self-regulation and taking on a commited approach to all group tasks.  

3RB – Dora Zhao and Beau Lancsar – for demonstrating a growth mindset and persistence to overcome challenges to learn new skills.  

Year 4

4TM – Amelie Smith for being a positive role model and organised in her role as the RTC representative for 4TM. 

4JC – Alfred Lu for being principled and showing commitment to his learning  

4KP – Emily Bull for persevering and contributing her ideas when working with a team. 

4BF – Oliver Flanagan for displaying a commitment to his learning and showing kindness to his peers. 

4DO – Jessica Buttsworth for bringing a bright and cheerful disposition to class every day. 

Year 5

5TM – Reuben Quach for his ability to see situations from multiple perspectives and driving our class discussions into some deep and intriguing pathways. 

5DG – Yash Thrishul for his support of his peers and cooperative manner when helping others to achieve and experience success reflecting his commonsense approach to tasks. 

5RK – Sophie McGrath & Kate Kristiansen – for being open minded, taking risks, showing persistence, and overcoming adversities during our Year 5 camp. Well done ladies! 

5BL – Spencer Ellis – for his positive engagement with peers and learning tasks this semester. 

5SW – Ellie Ma for being open-minded and a risk taker; stepping outside of her comfort zone and tackling every camp activity with zest! 

Year 6

6TW – Christopher Kent for using self-regulation and self-management skills when preparing for the last week of Exhibition. 

6JO – Peta Macintosh for maintaining a committed and positive focus during Exhibition

6HB – Emma Brooks for her joyful and positive nature and her commitment towards Exhibition. 

6TF – Patrick Mai- for leading initiatives within his exhibition group 



Sophie Linton (3JC) for demonstrating social intelligence and leadership skills at camp. (Mrs Hind) 

Ethan Yang (2LM) for really creative, deep thinking when we were inferring in library (Mrs Wilson). 

To our Year 6 Cohort – for working hard on your Aerobics Routines for Exhibition. We are so incredibly proud of you all. Congratulations on choreographing your wonderful routines. Mrs Phelps and Mrs Robertson 

4TM – Chloe Maglasis – for always demonstrating maturity, sportsmanship and enthusiasm during PE. Mrs Phelps 

-Eliza Muscat, Izzy Erickson, April Wickham, Abbey Lenson and Evie Buttsworth in Year 6 for their dedication and commitment to choreographing the dance for our Exhibition performance- Mrs Suthers  

-Year 6 Exhibition orchestra for displaying leadership, positive engagement and a high level of commitment throughout the entire process- Mrs Suthers  

3HO – Gary Manwaring – For displaying resilience and persistence when learning new skills in PE.  Mr Cox 

Cole Judd ( 2GS) - for being a thoughtful communicator and sharing his ideas in art class. ( Ms Crocker)  

Vasanth ( 1RJ) for his amazing participation and effort in art class. ( Ms Crocker)  

Jennifer Ky ( 6JO) for her outstanding classwork and contributions to exhibition art.  

Emerson Ryan (2SD) for showing perseverance and working hard with a smile of his face (Mrs Ross) 



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